Matters arising from Minutes of AGM 2006 : Dr. Emery and Mr. Bayney gave a brief synopsis of the status of the Damian Mills Fund to date; included were the mention of the Social at the Breezy Bend CC in late September of 2006; at this time. Some discussion and questions regarding the method of the Mills Fund giving the Junior Cricket award.

Captains Report by Nigel Wilcox

(report was distributed to the meeting)

Team record was noted for Outdoor and Indoor seasons.

Also noted was the development of a good turn out for practice sessions throughout the winter.

– Noted were the new members, Mr. Alderson and the improvement of Mr. Anderson’s bowling.

Mr. Wilcox let it be known that he is not going to be Captain again after 4 years as on field leader. His contribution was noted and there was appreciation for his hard work.

Motion to accept report – Wilcox 2nd Bayney Carried

President’s Report (Keith Tipples)

Little was found to report again this year from the President. The report was perfunctory and short. To wit it was non-existent. This is in keeping with the duties of the President which are illusory and decidedly ephemeral. As the President reported that there was again nothing to report this year, the report was duly accetpted by a motion by: Page, 2nd by Emery, to accept the report as given and accepted although certainly missing completely.

Treasurer’s Report by Keith James

(Financial report was distributed to all at the meeting)

report included current financial situation plus a projected budget for 2007

Mr. James was thanked by the meeting for his performance as Secretary/Treasurer for the past 4 years.

Moved by James 2nd by Vernon to adopt report – carried

Moved by James, 2nd by Page, moved that the 2007 full yearly Membership dues will remain $ 120.00.


Moved by Jaikaransingh, 2nd by Munro-Smith, that the club donate $300.00 to the Damian Mills Memorial Cricket Fund.


This payment was made to Mr. Bayney at the meeting .

Social Director Report

by Mr. Jaikaransingh/Mr. Philip Munro-Smith

(a full report was distributed at the meeting, including a financial accounting of the funds in the Social/BBQ fund)

Moved by Jaikaransingh, 2nd Munro-Smith. To adopt Social Director’s report. Carried

Noted were the great contributions by Mr. Jaikaransingh for their hosting of the BBQ, which was a huge success. Probably one of the largest turnouts for the Taverners BBQ in many years. Also noted were the contributions of Mr. Munro-Smith for his many dates making his home available for Wed. night meetings. Mr. Daibee was thanked for his hosting of the Golf Tournie night for the second year.

There was some discussion as to the management of the Social Funds, and the report that was included. It was noted that questions of anything that the Social Directors do will necessary require the questioner to act as the next year’s Social Director. Questions continued in a desultory fashion subsequently, although it must be noted that the most hilarity and abuse was certainly directed toward the ‘Twins’. Many inferences were made to intimate the possible ‘dipping’ that may be taking place by the ‘Twins’ in management of the Social Funds. (At this moment, Mr. Munro-Smith’s cell phone disturbed the meeting, conjecture has it, that it was his accountant checking to see if the usual funds will be deposited this month?)

Mr. Munro-Smith noted that Mr. Jaikaransingh did all the copying of the various documents at the meeting, and that this was an honourable contribution.

It was also noted that the Fox and Hounds sports team program, netted the club an amount of over 250$ worth of product. This was part of what was supplied at the AGM, and the Social Fund to start the summer will be well replenished because of this free product. (Although there seems to have been some ‘spillage’ due to transportation and storage issues.

James A. Rose Trophy

Nominations were taken for the Rose Trophy.

To be awarded to Mr. K. Jaikaransingh, for performance for 3 cricket teams in one night during the 2006 season.

Election of Officers for 2007/2008 season

Members were nominated/elected to the following positions :

President: Keith Tipples nominated James seconded Vernon

Captain: Martin Daibee nominated Emery seconded Sylvestor

Vice Captain: Neal Toulson nominated Wilcox seconded Page

Secretary/Treasurer: Karran Bayney nominated Hosein seconded Fuller

Co-Social Directors: Karl Jaikaransingh/Philip Munro-Smith nominated Acclaimed

New Business

Motion by Jaikaransingh, 2nd by Daibee – Moved that the beer price be $3.00 for 2007. Carried unanimously

There was a presentation by Mr. Page regarding a possible participation in the Vintage Cricket Festival, either in California in October 2007, or in August 2008 in Stratford upon Avon in the Cotswolds in England. These are events that are specifically tailored to the older cricketer.

It was noted that Mr. Fuller that the new members of the club are not present at the meeting; it was noted that the new members have made good contributions throughout the winter, and it was regrettable that they were not present for the important AGM.

At this point there were some uncomfortable moments when (due to the untimely absence of Mrs. Tipples and her usual performance) Mr. Munro-Smith in his attempt to acquire funds was found giving Mr. Daibee (new Captain) what can only be described as a bawdy lap performance. At this juncture Mr. Tipples gratefully accepted the:

Motion to adjourn (James) at 10.20 pm – carried

The usual excellent refreshments were served by Mr. Tipples, much appreciated by all the membership.