Minutes of the 2008 Annual General Meeting

Meeting held on April 25, 2008 at President’s home (Parkville Drive)

Present: Keith Tipples – President, Nigel Wilcox, Rob Vernon, Phil Munro-Smith (Co-Social Director), Karl Jaikaransingh (Co-Social Director), Keith James, Martin Daibee (Captain), Jon Page, , Karran Bayney(Treasurer/Secretary), Hein Peters, Neal Toulson (Vice-Captain), Ray Kohanic, Mark Anderson, Anil Kaul (new member).

Apologies :John Lovelace, Scott Duesing, Andrew Dunsford (new member) David Hakes, Chris Emery

Missing: Dawson, Mike Fuller

8:03 p.m. Meeting called to order by the President

8:05 p.m. Agenda was distributed and adopted

8:07 p.m. Minutes of 2007 AGM were distributed and read. There were no errors and omissions. Minutes were adopted. Moved and adopted Karl/Phil

8:09 p.m. Captain’s report: A written report was presented the precise version he had a good time working with such talented individuals. He wants to be Captain for life. He also made a comment that he would like to see more participation by all of the members. Motion Neal/Ray Carried.

8:17 p.m. President’s report: Short and sweet, Pleased that all players had a good time during the past year and that no one was hurt.

8:20 p.m. Treasurer’s report: A financial statement for the past fiscal year was presented. The budget for the upcoming year was presented. There was some concern about the large surplus that the club would have. Discussion indicating that we are not a for profit club and that we should not have that much money in the bank. Explanation given is that some of the money would be spent on equipment, ties, and some for any upcoming tour. Discussion followed on the bingo credit. This would be dealt with under new business. Motion to adopt report Karran: carried.

8:27 p.m. Social conveners’ report: Financial statements presented. The social funds are healthy. Written report presented. Chris to provide details on funds for May31, and June 27. Motion to adopt Phil/Karl; carried.

8:30 p.m. Election of officers:

President: K. Tipples (acclimation)

Captain: M. Daibee (acclimation)

Vice-Captain: N. Toulson (acclimation)

Sec/Tres: K. Bayney (acclimation)

Social conveners: Phillip Munro-Smith, Karl Jaikaransingh (The twins)

Motion to pass, carried

8:37 p.m. Nomination for James A. Rose Trophy:

Nomination; Mark Anderson- Martin/Phil

Martin- a passer by

Phil – someone in the peanut gallery

James- a friend.

Lobbying was intense interspersed, with a few sips of cold beer, however the majority agreed with Mark receiving the award.

8:45 p.m. New Business:

New members: Anul Kaul and Andrew Dunsford. Accepted.

Minneapolis tour: Neal and Keith to organize. Commitment of $100.00 non- refundable for each person who is interested. Money goes to Taverners and will be held to pay for expense to play in tournament and hotel. Motion Phil/Nigel

Tour to Gimili June 21, 2008. Karran to check with MCA to determine if any of the cost of travelling there is covered.

Karran proposed fees be raised to $125 and $65.00. Ray concerned that Taverners is a non-profit club and as such we should not have a large cash balance. Explanation is that the indoor fees will most likely go up and the team will need some equipment etc. Passed 9-1.

Phil complained about the Taverners game against Riders. Karran to draft a letter to the MAC outlining the issue and make certain recommendations. Letter to be signed by the President.

Beer fees to remain at $3.00

10% of cash to go to the DM funds

Discussion on Bingo credit: general feeling is that Taverners should not be a conduit for bingo credit. In future, any bingo credit earned by members attending bingo hosted by the MCA and intends to have it go through Taverners book, that member will only be given credit up to their annual fees. Any excess will be considered a donation to Taverners. If the credits are less than the member’s annual fees the member will have to make up the difference. Karran to send a memo to John Lovelace that he will have to advise the Taverners of his intentions with the excess bingo credit in the Taverners account. He may choose to donate the excess funds to the team in exchange for a life membership. Motion Phil/Anil, carried.

9:05 p.m. Meeting adjourned.