Minutes of the 2012 Annual General Meeting

Meeting held on May 4, 2012 at the President’s home (Parkville Drive)

Present: Keith Tipples, Keith James, Jon Page, Karran Bayney, Hein Peters, Ray KohaniK, C. Vanderwert, Andrew Dunsford, Sammy Armogan, Phillip Munro-Smith, Martin Daibee, David Hakes, Rene Fitzpatrick, Imdad Alli

Apologies: Mark Anderson, S. Roberts, Chris Emery, Nigel Wilcox, Joe Sylvester, Ian Pich, Karl Jaikaransingh

Missing: Sid Roberts, J. Lovelace

8:02 p.m. Meeting called to order by the President. President mentioned names of those who sent apologies for missing the meeting.

8:08 p.m. Agenda was read. Carried

8:09 p.m. Minutes of 2011 AGM were read and adopted.

Matters arising: Phillip is working with Andrew to get the web page current.

Correction to Alli’s name which was misspelled.

Moved: Karran/Sammy adopted

8:12 p.m. Captain’s report: no time to write report, verbal report given. Thanked V.C. and members for their continued support during the past season. Sid made the T/20 team, Alli and Sid made the indoor all star team. Thanked Chomo for filling in when he was not present. Brandon trip was a success. Enjoyed the past year as captain.

8:17 p.m. President’s remarks: Copy of remarks attached. Highlights of remarks. Thanked social committee for their efforts, and the hosts of the various evening social events. Thanked both Karran and Martin for hosting the golf tournament at their homes. Mentioned the success of the team during the summer and winter season and the trip to Minneapolis. Thanked Jon for brewing the after game libations.

8:24 p.m. Treasurer’s report: A financial statement for the past fiscal year was presented. Karran stated that there was some correspondence from the league about the 2011 fees indicating that Taverners owed them $200.00. Communications with the league chairman is ongoing. Motion to accept: Karran/Andrew carried.

The budget for the upcoming year was presented.

Some discussion followed on the 2012 summer fees. Karran stated that he is awaiting additional information from the league regarding the fees for 2012. Motion for the budget – Karran/Ray. Carried

8:55 p.m. Beer break.

9:05 p.m. Social conveners’ remarks: Verbal remarks made. Thanks the various hosts of the various summer activities and to Jon for supplying the beer. The annual BBQ was a success and a lot of money was spent on it. The poker tournaments and the Minneapolis trip were a huge success. The current balance in the bank is approximately $520.62. Ray is no longer standing for the next year.

Karran raised issue of not sufficient funds for summer activities and suggest membership fees be raised and funds given to social committee.

Motion Keith J./Imdad – each member pay $10.00 upon attending the after game get together and this will get them 2 beers. After some discussion, it was agreed that there are some members who don’t consume alcohol but will be paying $10.00. The motion was amended to $5.00 per beer. carried.

9:30 p.m. Brew Master’s report.

A report was presented and accepted. Jon said that he recently moved to an apartment and space was limited. He has just started brewing again and some beer would be ready by July.

9:41 p.m. Election of officers:

President: K. Tipples Motion Imdad/Keith( by acclamation)

Co-Captain: M. Daibee ( by acclamation)

Chomo Vandervert (by acclamation)

Vice-Captain: D. Hakes ( by acclamation)

Sec/Tres: K. Bayney (acclamation)

Social conveners: Andrew Dunsford/ Sammy Armogan (alternate twins)( by acclamation)

MCA rep Nigel Wilcox

Motion to pass, Jon/Andrew – carried.

9:53 p.m. Nomination for James A. Rose Trophy:

Nomination; Sid Roberts – Phil/Jon (Withdrawn)

Martin Daibee – Imdad/Sammy (withdrawn)

Karl Jaikaransingh – Keith/Karran

Nigel Wilcox -Andrew/David (withdrawn)

Motion: Karl Jaikaransingh be the recipient of the James A Rose Trophy. Karran/Sam- carried

10:05 p.m. New Business:

New members: Shawn Armogan

Peri Venkatesh


10:12 p.m. Membership committee established to review all membership application. Members are Phil, Keith James and Hein.

10:32 p.m. Keith James to look in to Minneapolis tour.

10: 37 p.m. Meeting adjourned.

Thanks again to Keith and Moe for the excellent snacks that they always put out at every Taverner’s AGM.