Chris E reunification nite … Sept 18, Silver Heights Restauarant

About 13 turned up to have drinks with Chris who we had not seen for a long time at Taverner events. It was great to see him out and about again after the difficult times he has faced over the last year or so.

As usual there was a myriad of nationalities represented – Trinidadians, Guyanese, other  Caribbean nations probably, Kiwi’s, English, a Sri Lankan and a vegan Metis were all in attendance…if I missed a nationality I apologise!

As usual a varied array of subjects were discussed. Some of the things overheard and pondered during the course of the evening were:

  • Sid apparently has a healthy liver according to his Dr. It was suggested that he see another Dr as he must be getting wrong diagnosis
  • It was suggested that the next Taverner event would be at a Vegan restaurant in order that Mark would be able to eat as there was nothing on the 2/1 menu of which he could partake. This idea was soundly defeated by the inconsiderate/selfish members in  attendance but did inspire a brief discussion about where vegan restaurants were in Wpg.
  •  Rumour has it that Sid, Jon, Ali & Chris are loading themselves into a vehicle and driving to Las Vegas in Feb to watch the Rugby 7’s, drink copious amounts of cheap,weak American beer and gamble
  • In the absence of either of the Social Convenors  it was agreed that,on the last Friday of each month during the winter, a regular Poker nite would be held. Chris will be hosting the first one on Friday Sept 28 at 7pm. If you don”t gamble you can still drink!!!
  • Mark will soon be experiencing the inside of a jail firsthand! No, he is not doing time but will be having hands on training as part of his preparation for his Correctional career
  • Anil has started a new job and picked up a fancy Accura (I think) MDX in the States. He will be doing his drug dealing in style
  • Martin’s exploits in Minneapolis were re-visited along with his penchant for dropping catches and immediately checking his fingertips
  • John Lovelace was told, upon his arrival ,that he was to return the Grumpy Challenge Cup as he was not a paid member of the Taverners and therefore was unable to be the winner of the trophy. He immediately pulled out a pre-written cheque, made out to Taverners for his membership, thereby ending that discussion very quickly.
  • again rumour has it that a tour to England in 2014 is being plotted. We’ll see….

I am sure that there were other very important discussions that took place but as smart and clever as I am I cannot remember everything.

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