Wednesday’s ‘meeting’ and other stuff…

About 8 Taverners turned up at various stages during the evening for our first get together prior to the indoor season at the Fox.

Based on those in attendance the team for the first game was chosen – Sid, David, Nigel, Karl, Philip, Keith Tipples & Chomo. (Martin has a sore chucking arm so withdrew from selection). But as the start of the season has been delayed a week till Nov 4 this team may have to be re selected.

Tales were told about Cuba, discussion about the Sri Lankans losing yet another final, the  # on some football players jersey and how you can’t change your # due to merchandising etc, Chomo agreed to host the next Poker Nite on the last Friday of Nov, Karl is hosting Calliloo nite after Xmas…amongst other things far too trivial to bore you with. Oh – almost forgot that Nigel was berated for looking up the Pembina Trails School Divison website for info on HIS kids soccer schedule (gym time) but neglecting to use his influence as a teacher and access the Wpg School Division to see if the TAVERNERS had gym space this winter as we had not heard yet…

While our regular Wednesday nite get togethers at the Fox are on again (we need to re-build the beer fund) there may be a slimmer turnout this next Wed, Oct 31 as a couple of members are going trick or treating and some of us have to stay at home and pretend to enjoy having their nights ruined by the incessant arrival of little kids looking to get their sugar fixes…

Rob Vernon is in St Boniface Hospital and would love to see any Taverners who can make it up to see him. He’s on the 6th floor ( turn left out of the elevator and down the hall, left again and follow the hallway to the end- Rm 47 I think). Anyway he would love the company and it helps to brighten his day. So if you get the chance – drop in to see him.

Thinks that’s it for now…time to get back to work!

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