8 Taverners ventured to North End ….

and survived!! After 6 nervous Taverners were seen lurking around Dufferin trying to get in to the school, people were spotted leaving by the back door, so there was a mad dash to vehicles, and safety, and a short drive to the back of the school to an open door.

The gym is bright, spacious and clean! At the end of the evening where a vigorous practice took place it was decided that we would use the time available to us for the next two weeks at this location. So venture out for practice next week – Wed Dec 5 @8pm. (The lit parking lot is at the back of the school off Aikin St…).

See everyone there…

Wednesday, Nov 21 update…

about 7 Taverners turned up at the Fox for a couple of libations and discussion of various subjects & entering the Grey Cup pool organised by the ‘bookie’.

Based on those in  attendance it was agreed that we would have a trial of the new gym at the school on Dufferin next Wednesday, Nov 28 @ 8pm. If all works out – the gym is suitable, area not too dangerous etc, then we would have more regular sessions there altho probably not every week.

Wednesday Dec 5 we have a tentative plan to go 10 pin bowling at Chateau Lanes on Nairn Ave. Further details to follow. We can get some ice time for curling at Pembina Curling Club on a Sunday afternoon (3:30pm) for a pre Bonspiel warm up…maybe a game ‘Darks vs Whites’? Also it appears that a spring paintball outing is also in the works.

Don’t forget POKER NIGHT AT CHOMO’S – FRIDAY 23 NOV – 7PM. Rob Vernon is out of hospital now and back at home. He has expressed an interest in attending and may well be there!! Come say hi to Rob

That’s all for now from this scribe…

Wednesday, Nov 14 update

A good group of players got together for our regular Wednesday meeting  where we had a guest from Ozzie……Adam who is staying with Phil for the next  few months. He obviously needs a little education as he was wearing a  Saskatchewan Rough-Riders cap. Must have been brain washed by the female  contingent at the PMS estate.
A lot of talk but no real decisions made except a meeting for those  interested in a UK tour at Chris Emery’s on Dec 7
Confirm the next Poker Night at Chomo’s on Friday November 23
An invitation from Ray for the Cosmos Banquet at the Winter Club on  Saturday November 24 please contact Ray if you are interested in a fun evening  with our friends from Cosmos.
Our next game is on Sunday November 18 11:00 AM at BCCC Chomo will be in  touch with the team selection

Wednesday November 7th meeting minutes

The meeting was called to order at approximately 5:50pm with the arrival of the first two members – Jon K Page & Martin Daibee. By the end of the evening a total of 9 members had attended this meeting.

There was a little discussion about:

  • the previous weekends game against 5 Rivers
  • Jon thinks that snow is measured in millimetres
  • the fact the Indoor captain is biased against white guys after dropping Chris who turned out for his first game in about 3 years
  • that Keith James, while wicketkeeping, told one of the opposition batsmen that he shouldn’t be telling his partner how to bat…a bit like the pot calling the kettle black don’t you think
  • we found out that we still do not have a place to practice this winter so it looks like more meetings each Wednesday will have to be held to discuss this problem
  • we found out it was going to rain for about 4 days if Jon travelled in one direction and 3 days if he travelled in another direction & that was when he decided his camping trip should be curtailed to travel back north after reaching San Fran on his travels
  • we found out that the teacher was an instructor at an ‘in service day” at which he taught other teachers from throughout Winnipeg how to throw rubber chickens …people this is how your school taxes are being spent! And then to add insult to injury he advised that he also has boxes of rubber penquins, geese, ducks and pigs…remember this is how your school taxes are being spent
  • a ‘lights vs darks’ curling game is going to be arranged. A brief discussion about entry into the Bonspiel was asked – one or two teams…
  • A bowling nite (10 pin variety) is going to be arranged for a Wed nite in the not too distant future…further details to come


just saying….

after a rancourous  rant from one of our senior members we were finally able to muster a full team of 7 after only having 3.5 members available at start of day on Thursday…

Until such time as we get the gym for practice (if we do) regular Wednesday meetings will be held at the Fox starting at 6pm…

FYI – Sylvia would like to get a hold of the emails for wives /girlfriends etc of Taverner members.I don’t know where things are headed but I think she wants to arrange some ‘women only” get togethers. If you can email these to me I will pass them on to Sylvia…where things go from there is up to her…


a rant from a senior (age & time served) Taverner

Meeting report
A small, but influential, gathering of Taverners met for the regular Wednesday meeting of the members at the Fox despite the heathen celebration of the Satanist holiday of All Hallows Eve.
Discussions varied far & wide but the central topic was the whole idea of a “bucket list” & how to best accomplish the objectives, whether they were a Cricket tour to the UK or a journey to the Maldives.
Some concern was expressed about the fact, at the time, Taverners had only 4 players slated for Sundays game, one of whom was virtually a wheelchair player.
But I guess wheel chairs are good behind the stumps.
I guess we can get together sometime later when Christmas shopping, Seasonal house decoration, & other winter distractions do not intervene.
See you all in the New Year