Wednesday November 7th meeting minutes

The meeting was called to order at approximately 5:50pm with the arrival of the first two members – Jon K Page & Martin Daibee. By the end of the evening a total of 9 members had attended this meeting.

There was a little discussion about:

  • the previous weekends game against 5 Rivers
  • Jon thinks that snow is measured in millimetres
  • the fact the Indoor captain is biased against white guys after dropping Chris who turned out for his first game in about 3 years
  • that Keith James, while wicketkeeping, told one of the opposition batsmen that he shouldn’t be telling his partner how to bat…a bit like the pot calling the kettle black don’t you think
  • we found out that we still do not have a place to practice this winter so it looks like more meetings each Wednesday will have to be held to discuss this problem
  • we found out it was going to rain for about 4 days if Jon travelled in one direction and 3 days if he travelled in another direction & that was when he decided his camping trip should be curtailed to travel back north after reaching San Fran on his travels
  • we found out that the teacher was an instructor at an ‘in service day” at which he taught other teachers from throughout Winnipeg how to throw rubber chickens …people this is how your school taxes are being spent! And then to add insult to injury he advised that he also has boxes of rubber penquins, geese, ducks and pigs…remember this is how your school taxes are being spent
  • a ‘lights vs darks’ curling game is going to be arranged. A brief discussion about entry into the Bonspiel was asked – one or two teams…
  • A bowling nite (10 pin variety) is going to be arranged for a Wed nite in the not too distant future…further details to come


One thought on “Wednesday November 7th meeting minutes

  1. After Philip left for the evening the remaining hardcore got down to discussing a UK Tour in June/July 2014. We agreed that we should run a couple of socials to help defray costs & that we should start now in determining what the costs might be & who would be interested. We know we cannot rely on Taverner players for a full squad.

    By the way snow is measured in mms but quoted in cms so that the numbers don’t frighten people

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