Callaloo nite @ the Jaikaransingh’s

By my count there were 10 Taverners in attendance for the annual Callaloo Nite on Friday. Before going any further much thanks to Anne & Karl for once again hosting and providing us with the Callaloo soup & a great lentil soup as well as a supply of chocolates, nuts, beer & some pear drink….

In typical Taverner fashion the topics of discussion were varied.

  • we talked about the ‘new’ format for the summer season post match functions. No decision was reached as, mid discussion, some assinine comment was made that took the conversation in another direction. But there seem to be 2 chains of thought – 1) pay, at beginning of year, $10 per game and beer free. 2) pay, as part of dues, $30 or so and $4 beer…further discussion required
  • we talked about upcoming (and past ) surgeries to various members – fingers, hips, lesions and colons all discussed
  • we heard how daschunds (little low slung dogs) can’t go outside in the winter because, apparently, their little penis’s can get frozen …this obviously lead to members who shall not be named describing how they have to tie theirs in a knot or sling it over their shoulders when going out!!!
  • we found out the ‘prez’ can’t park his little car very well and was shamed into going to try and park it closer to the kerb
  • we wondered about the #’s for the curling on Sun, Jan 6…did we have enough for a ‘Whites vs Darks’ game. Not sure – but we’ll have fun anyway
  • we found out the Jaikaransinghs #1 daughter got engaged over Xmas and will probably be getting married in Trinidad in 2014
  • and Rob Vernon will be leaving for Australia on Jan 26th…

There was lots more frivolous chat – most of which I cannot remember. If any one else in attendance can think of anything i missed let us know!!

Also it was announced that the Betty Munro-Smith Trophy is being resurrected, Between now and the AGM points will be awarded to members for attendance at the various different things we do during the winter months…turning up at the Fox on Wed or after matches, being a spectator at Indoor Games  if u are not selected, coming to the curling next week, attendance at Callaloo nite, attending the bowling earlier this month etc etc. The awarding of points is solely at the discretion of the adjudicator…and the award winner will be announced at the AGM. Some sort of points scale will be posted at some time in the future


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