Wednesday Jan 9 meeting at the Fox

A good turnout for the first official Wednesday meeting this year attended at the Fox.

A notable absentee, who had asked on Monday when the next practice or meeting was, was Dr C Emery. Guess travel planning took precedence over drinks with the boys…

Anil was spotted for about 10 mins and then he got up and left – leaving behind a good half pint of beer. But it wasn’t wasted- Sid made sure of that. But you can be sure that points will be deducted from his tally in the Betty Munro-Smith trophy.

Karl is planning a ‘cook-out’ (not a BBQ or hangi or similar term) this summer at his place where the Taverners will cook for their spouses or significant others. He was seen in the lobby of the Fox negotiating with his personal supplier for a lamb that will be the featured item on the menu. The Kiwi’s on the team will be providing vegemite sandwiches as there contribution..

Talking of lamb…Martin and Ali decided to order a lamb and take 1/2 each but Martin only wants a ‘ram lamb’…

The last Friday of February will be Poker nite at Martins place on his return from a week in Varadero, Cuba.

Was good to see Sammy again – it appears that he will be having a surprise birthday party for himself on March 1 – watch for the email invite.

Curling talk – we will know on Saturday what the draws will be. Info will be emailed so that you will know when the Taverners will be curling..we will know where the first game is – after that will depend on our win  – loss record.

It appears that we will be going to Brandon early in April for the Westman Indoor Tournament playing one game on Saturday and 1 on Sunday. Details to be confirmed later…

We may rent out some of our practice time at JB Russel School in order to fund some of our activities and allow some of the other teams to try and achieve the greatness of the Taverners…



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