MCA Bonspiel, Jan 17-20 2013

Feb 6, 2013

Well another year went by with no victories for the Taverner CC Curling Team however the games are getting a little closer and we can actually score points on our own without needing lots of assistance from the opposition. Again we made new friends and met old ones…we seem to be quite popular in our whites and the most expensive curling broom in the world!!

Our first game was out in Springfield but then luckily the rest were within the city. We had a good turnout to watch games so thanks for those brave, maybe foolish, souls who ventured out in cold, snowy weather to support the curlers.

We had a number of ‘firsts’ this past Bonspiel – our first blanked end (that is where no-one scores a point) & we also had two measures (where they bring out a big stainless steel thing that sits on the ice and has a delicate measuring thingy on it) to decide who’s rock was closest when there is doubt…I think we won both!!

Should you like to see Taverners CC Curling team mentioned in a best selling book go out and buy ‘King of the Rings’ by Sean Grassie. This is a history of the MCA Bonspiel, that this year celebrated it’s 125 anniversary, and the ‘cricket team is prominently featured with a full page photo of the ‘originals’ (Philip, Sid, Jon P, Neil & Keith J) and a mentionin the prologue…we are famous!!

Plans are afoot for our entry into the next MCA Bonspiel in 2014!!!


Here is the team info for the various draws in the MCA Bonspiel…those in bold are the Skip for that game…NO ARGUMENTS!!

The first game is at Springfield Curling Club…other games the location not known till about 2 hours after end of game.

Thursday, Jan 17th – 6pm … Philip, Ray, Nigel, Keith

Friday, Jan 18th – 9am ….Ray, Philip, Nigel, Keith

3pm …. Keith, Philip, Ray, David H

9pm …. Nigel, Ali, Rene, David H

Sat, Jan 19th… 12pm… Ali, Philip, Sid, Nigel (if not going to hockey)

6pm… Ali, Karran, Rene, Sammy (?), Martin

Watch this space for updated info on Taverners Curling progress and results…

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