It’s been awhile…

and so time for a quick update on happenings past & future in Taverner land.

The MCA Bonspiel has been and gone and a brief synopsis of the event has been posted on the Bonspiel page on this blog.

A meeting was held on Feb 1 to discuss the Taverner tour of England in 2014. Dates and arrangements were discussed by those present (Neil, Chris, Sid, Philip, Ali, David, Chomo (sort of), Martin, Ray R, Jon P…if I missed anyone – sorry)… potential dates, locations, modes of travel, accomodations etc were discussed. Jon P has been  in touch with a tour company in England and copies of the correspondence has been put on the Taverner Tour page on this blog for your info. As plans proceed further info will be provided to those interested.

Practices have resumed at JB Russell School on Wednesday nites at 8pM. Turn up if you so choose…(the schedule will be posted on the calendar once I can find the damn thing again on my computer)

Taverners on the move:

Sid & Jon P along with Neil Patel & Ray Ramratran (sorry Ray forgot how to spell it) are off to see the Kiwi’s win the Rugby 7’s in Las Vegas this weekend…question is will Sid & Neil share a bed again on this trip while watching Titanic? (It did happen in Minneapolis one year)!

Chris E is currently en route to the Maldives for some R & R…if you get sick between now and 16th or so it’s off to the walk-in clinic for those who he Dr’s…

I know Karl is heading off shortly to go golfing in Florida somewhere and no doubt Ray K has found a Nascar race somewhere in the warm that he will head off to…

If anyone else wants their travel plans publicly announced let me know…will happily post on here

Taverners on the mend or soon to be:

Haven’t heard anything more but our illustrious Prez, Keith T, was recently in the hospital for some surgery & Jon P will be going under the knife at the end of the month to get a new hip…

Sammy’s birthday is coming up and he is organising his own surprise B’day party on March 1 at Fort Whyte Centre. If you haven’t already replied to his email – do so or you may miss out.


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