John Lovelace

We were all shocked & saddened to learn of the passing of John Lovelace a couple of weeks ago. I think the turnout yesterday for this service only showed just how much he had influenced so many people here in Manitoba.

As John was a long-time member of Taverners the call went out from the President for members to make the effort to attend. Just from a quick count I figure there were at least 17 Taverners or former members in attendance many wearing the club tie as a show of respect. I was surprised but very pleased to see Horace there even though he is confined to a wheel chair. A number of people made emotional & often humorous speeches outlining John’s passion for the game of cricket, golf & life, including the President of Canadian Cricket & the head of volunteers at the Kingswood Golf and Country Club in La Salle that John volunteered at for a number of years.

Many faces from the past of Winnipeg Cricket were there, far too many to name & many that finding a name to match the face was a little beyond me.

As is our custom after the ceremony & the get together afterwards most of the group retired to “The Fox” to raise a glass in memory of John.


Dyanand (Dan) Maharaj

Percy Bulsara

Herb Embuldeniya

Gene Lloyd

Harry Davies

Terry Jolly

Herbert Spenser

Cliff Ashwell

Gwil Evans

Dr. Peter N. Porritt (founder)

Rob Vernon

It was with great sadness that we recxieved the news of Rob’s passing last week. Rob had been a Taverner for many years , joining the club in the early 90’s when he arrived in Winnipeg.
A memorial service will be held for Rob on Saturday, March 9 2 2pm at the Coutu Funeral Home on Archibald St.


When the call goes out the Taverners respond.

Case in point was the Memorial Service for Rob Vernon held on Saturday  March 09.
By my count there were 17 Taverners members present plus half a dozen  wives, daughters etc.
The hall, where they were expecting some 40 people, was full to  overflowing. After the formal service, which I felt failed to reflect the Rob  that we knew except from contributions from The Down Under Club & our own  Philip, we adjourned for Tea & Goodies.
Someone somewhere suggested that a more Taverner like wake would have been  more to Robs liking. So the majority of the Taverners group decamped to the  Norwood Hotel where a number of glasses were raised to Rob’s memory.  Surprisingly after about 1/2 hour both Rob’s brothers James & Pete &  sister in law Jan joined us. They expressed their thanks to us for the way we  had befriended & stuck by Rob through his troubles & were relieved to  find out we were mostly aware of some of the blacker aspects of Rob’s life over  the past number of months.
I repeated my sadness that Rob didn’t get to go back to Australia before he  passed away. Jan informed me that “he” would be going going home with her &  Pete.
At the end of a pleasant evening with Rob’s Aussie family we presented the  brothers with Taverner ties as a memory of Rob’s love of the game here.


Just wanted to say what a good time we all had on Saturday afternoon after Rob’s funeral. The Taverners were thrilled that you were able to sneak away from ‘family’ to enjoy a few pints, some laughs and get to meet some of those who considered Rob a great friend. Hopefully you all got to see that he was loved (in a manly sort of way) and he had friends here who supported him during some of his tougher times. And we were really happy to hear that Robbie was ‘going home’!
We hope that you will keep in touch with us now that you & James are ‘honorary Taverners’. We have a blog site …www.tavernerscc.wordpress.com that will allow you to follow the goings on of the Taverners from afar (why you would want to do that is beyond me but I am giving you the option anyway)!!  🙂
Hope you are having/had a good time in Invermere or wherever it was you headed off to. And should you return to Winnipeg for some reason in the summer we expect you to play one Wednesday evening for the Taverners – and we promise none of us will go to the shops while you are batting!!  🙂
All the best, keep in touch and please pass on our best wishes to Jan and James.


Indoor Season 2012-2013

Sunday, March 3, 2013 vs Golden Boys 

At the appointed hour, and on a sunny morning, team tavs met to reminisce briefly regarding the passing of R. Vernon prior to the game at BCCC. Irfan a little tardy. Umpire Bayney complaining of a sore butt…I will let him explain…but possibly caused from over use of the easy chair. Golden Boys arrived, and we began batting, with Capt. Wilcox at the helm. Alli and Irfan started, and the course was set, with the amount of wides being bowled mounting to ‘Harry’ like standards. Alli at the same time was seen to have lost his patience, and was allowing the loose bowling to beat him occasionally, which amounted to him switching twice, and letting Irfan take control. Alli ending with a workmanlike 49, (Alli seen to be asking the Umpire after the fourth over, ‘’Are there REALLY 2 overs left?’’) Irfan 5. The pair having only lost their wicket once in 6 overs! With wides we stand at 73!

Then the fun began…Capt Wilcox batting with the designated kiwi of the day Philip…the missing tipandrunsid must have caused anxiety, as the pair decided that no matter where the ball was hit, or how hard, run they must. The results were decidedly without merit for run making, but did cause no limit of hilarity to ensue, at one point the opposition laughing too hard to retrieve the ball. This reporter was hard pressed to remember a time when his exuberant laughter and all out guffawing would not be chastised by the officials…when asked later why the square leg umpire was not rightly sanctioned for his outbursts? The umpire replied ‘I was giggling too hard to notice’. Such was the running and outing exploits of the pair of batsmen, that the occasional run getting was incidental to the spectacle. Philip scored a meteoric 7, not to be outdone by partner Wilcox who scored a valiant 7. An indoor record of 14 wickets were recorded for the 6 overs,  with no less than 11 of them being run outs. Tavs now 92. Keith and David tried to amass a good total for the chase, and with David at 16 and stumps at 14, we now had 132 to protect.

We started strong, with alli giving only 6. We kept the running pair down to 52 plus 4 wides. Next pair was limited to 37, with a miserly over from stumps of 4, much to the amazement of the umpire. In the end, the hitters for Golden boys were superior, but the game was close..Alli 4-33-1, david 4-42-0 (should have bowled his spin), nigel 4-27-5 (not sure how he got 5, but it is true), Phil 3-36-2 (8 wides, a brilliant caught and bowled), KJ 3-32-1. We lost by 15 runs, but the beer was still tasty, and the only injury was the Umpire, who was too thirsty to continue with his appointed schedule, and left it to Irfan to umpire the next match. The Umpire was seen happy if not loopy from the pharmaceuticals and mix of Guinness and Rickard Red.

Next practise is at the Fox at 6:00pm.

Stumps (filling in for the missing but recuperating reporter Mr. Jon ‘Hippy’ Page)

Taverners vs. Five Rivers…. Feb 10, 2013
We knew we were in a predicament when the skipper sent out several e-mails on Saturday looking for players.  About two hours prior to the start of the game, one of the players called in faking a back injury.  All arrived at 11:00 a.m. The opponents seeing Taverners in disarray loaned them one of their spectators.  The scheduled umpire did not arrive on time so those duties was taken by Karran.  Five Rivers batted first.  Their first pair made 62 runs which included 2 wide.  Most of the runs coming from one batsman who smashed the ball at will.  The next pair made 42 runs.  The third pair put on an additional 51 runs.  Five Rivers finished their 18 overs with 163 which included 10 wides.  Most of the wides coming from the Five Rivers loaner who had a bowling action very similar to that of Martin’s.  Nigel even asked the question, ‘Is Martin playing today?’
Bowling Chomo 0-37, Rene 3-32, Nigel 0-24, Phillip 0-44, Komboj 1-33.
Karran made a bet that if the Taverners score was over 90 runs he would buy the first round of beers, this same information was passed onto the opposing team.  Chomo and Ifran started off the innings.  It was slow slogging Chomo 22 and Ifran 1 extras 6.  At the begging of the 5th over Chomo called for a runner (first time for indoor cricket). He missed the next 2 balls, scored on the third, stood and looked as the next three balls passed by him.  The runner never left the crease.  The 6 over was much like the 5th. except Chomo was stumped. The next pair scored 27, Rene-17 and Kombot-8 extras 2 Total at this point was 56.  The last pair of Nigel and Phil started well scoring 14 in the first over.  From there it stalled or went backwards.  Phillip was adjudged LBW from a ball hitting him on the hip.  The umpire’s explanation – he was sweeping the ball. When has Phillip swept anything or can he get down that low???? Their final total was Phil – 7, Nigel – 24 extras – 7.  Total 94.
We retired to the Fox and Hound for a few pints.  At discussion was how impossible it was to fire government employees and teachers, Nigel going to Karran’s farm for wood, Chomo’s dieting, Juice coming in late and discussing the finer art of sheep rearing, forming a Taverners golf league, the Brandon and England tour.
Vs. Bengal Tigers……Feb 03 2013
The Tigers batted 1st & took advantage of some wayward bowling which in the end netted them 20 runs. With good shots & some intelligent running the 1st pair pair put on 34 with 12 extras. The next pair continued in the same manner & added 34 plus 5 extras. The final pair with the captain shielding his partner increased the total to 139.
Taverner Bowling:- Sid 0 – 43, Shan 1 – 27, David 1 -38, Imdad  1- 33 & Chomo 0 – 18
Looking at 47 per pair Taverners started with Phil(6) & Sid(21) going for their tip & run strategy but after a few run outs & the lack of wind they reverted to playing the walls. Despite the gift of 8 wides the still only managed 35. This meant the next pairs needed 50+ each. David(6) & Chomo(24) could only take the score to 68. When Imdad(30) & Shan(7) came to bat they needed to better than double the score but they only managed the same as the others so that Taverners came up short by 32 runs.
vs Under 19’s ….13 January 2013
This report is coming to you in this fashion as our blog site is not working worth a shit & the other site where a lot of our information is stored has decided that we don’t exist. Maybe it is time to get pen to paper & trust Canada Post again.
Under 19’s batted 1st & managed to get the better of the Taverner bowling. The return to the old wide rule seemed to unsettle our bowlers  to the extent of 19 to the other side.
Vijay & her partner put on 45 for the 1st pair.
Cheryl (40) & her partner picked up another 43.
Captain Mendez tried hard, got out a few times but still picked up another 35 with his partner.
Highlight of the innings was to see the U/19 opener scaling the wall to retrieve a ball while the old farts were trying to find a ladder.
U/19 final score 123
Taverner bowling which was pretty consistent:-
Shan 1 – 29, Nigel 1 – 29, Ian 2 – 30, Anil 5 – 32, Martin 2 – 33
Taverners opening pair Anil & Martin seemed to put the match away very early, with Anil picking up 54 & Martin playing the sleeping partner getting 14 & with the wides we had to pick up 49 from the next 72 balls.
The next pair Nigel(19) & Ian( six) made very heavy work of the task, playing & missing, putting 1 ball into the lights requiring the use of the ladder, which David needed expert instructions in its use, & a long pole to retrieve. At 1 point a ball appeared to pass through the stumps & on appeal the umpire Dan asked “What happened?”
So the last pair, the Armogan brothers Shan (1) & Sam(16) needing just 16 for victory, after the 1st over we found needed 22. In her 1st over to the pair Vijay picked up a hat trick, but the brothers weathered the pressure & the constant sideline banter to finally get to 132 a win by 9. Not a very convincing victory  considering the 75 run start. Vijay ended with an impressive 5 – 16
When I arrived at the Fox I found only another non combatant David, but we were eventually joined by Nigel & Martin. These people should get a double bonus of Betty Munro Trophy points, the others should be deducted points for their tardy behaviour. They should only be let off from this if they were among the brainless fringe who lined up in the –20 degree weather for an hour to watch the Jets practice when they could have got in no problem if they had arrived on time.
Hopefully by the time I return from my sojourn in the sun & the various combinations of the the Pales & the Darks make their historic contribution to the 150th MCA bonspiel our website/blog site will work again.
2012  7 a-side
vs. Under 19’s—–09 December 2012
Taverners won the toss & elected to bat. At the start the u.19’s were 3 short & 2 Taverners  subbed until their full complement arrived. Phil (11) & Dave (19) opened & started a trend that lasted the whole of our innings; run outs. Some were the result of foolish running but others were from good fielding particularly from VJ who hit the stumps from the side wall having just 1 stump to aim at a few times. The 1st pair put on 30 +4 extras.
Next up were Nigel (12) & Rene (16) who continued the run out extravaganza & brought  the total to 64.
The 3rd pair Chomo (18) & Ifran (-2) added just 18 but Ifran scored a few but then tried to damage the roof too often.
Imdad batting alone, rounded out the innings & probably set some kind of record by being run out on 4 consecutive balls. He then decided that running was for the birds & added 26 bringing the Taverner total to a miserly 109
The U/19’s set about their task of reaching 110 in a workman like manner although they did lose a little concentration when facing Phil, but were called into line by their skipper Mendez. Their 1st pair started the off with 31. The next pair carried on in the same manner taking few chances adding a further 38 for a total of 69 which was ahead of the Taverner rate. The next player batting alone scored a credible 18 helping the U/19’s to 87 leaving the final pair to get 22 for the win. Captain, Mendez & his partner stuck to their task so that at the end of their overs they had gathered 42 to give them victory by 20 runs.
Bowling:- Rene 1 -16,Phil 1 -22, David 0 – 14, Chomo 2 – 27, Nigel 0 – 36 Imdad 4 – 36
Post game at the Fox had the usual round of conversation but nothing of real import except Nigel was concerned about our previous decision on the summer beer. He was told that it was too bad, the motion had been carried by a quorum of members prior to 9 PM & was thus valid.
This was the final indoor game of 2012 so it was felt that a practice on Wednesday was irrelevant but that there would be a meeting at the Fox at 6 on Wednesday to confirm this.
vs. Sher-E-Maples—-02  December 2012
Taverners lost the toss & were asked to field. At game time we had just 6 players as Ifran after complaining about not being picked & then finally called up & Karl feeling rejected for being on the if needed squad, both failed to show. This forced 1 of our shock bowlers to don the keepers gear.
The Sher side could not cope too well with the steady Taverner bowling which saw Chomo bowl a genuine maiden a rarity in indoor cricket. Plus the Taverner fielding was sharp with players throwing their bodies around. In fact there was more diving than in a typical Italian football game. Ifran finally arrived & his over only contained 1 wide.
The highest score for any pair was 25 & Sher-E-Maples only could get to a total of 94.
Bowling:- Sid 2 – 13,  Shan 2 – 25, David 2 – 19, Alli 1 – 31, Chomo 1 -14 Ifran 0 – 8
This score required the Taverners to score a little over 4 an over.
Ifran again opened on his own hitting some good shots but equally some skiers to the roof ending up with 2 + 1 extra. Sid & Philip followed with the intention of going for tip & run for the 1st 2 overs. However the 1st over was a maiden as the pair struggled to out do Ifran. They did finally get going but only after facing another maiden. They ended with Sid on 15,Phil on 9 & the team on 32 from 9.
Chomo(24) playing a captains innings & David(8) brought the run rate up but only just with a total standing at 66.
29 were needed from Alli(22) & Shan(8) which they managed thanks to some wides & several edges for 1 from Alli. This brought the Taverner total to 100 a win by 6 a game that could just as easily gone the other way.
Some of the team gathered at the Fox after to watch Sid drown his sorrows for his lack luster final innings of the year, in Coke. We were joined by Anil who was out on the pretext of getting his hair cut.
A number of discussions as usual but then the social fund & beer payment got a good airing & as it was not yet 9 PM & the 2nd beer unfinished it was agreed that, a levy of around $10 x the number of summer games be assessed for all players & that the beer should be free at the Wednesday post game meetings, be implemented. Motion carried.
Wednesday evening 8:00 PM practice at RB Russel. Next game Sunday Dec. 09 at BCCC vs. under 19’s Let us see some support for our brave lads who put their body on the line for the good of the Club
vs. Synergy—25 November 2012
Synergy batted 1st & made fairly heavy going against the Taverners attack. The 1st pair managed to get 27 +3 extras. The 2nd pair struggled to add just 18 plus 1 extra bringing the total to 49. Technically most of Philips deliveries should have been called as “no balls” as with the new bouncy ball most were passing over the batsman’s head. The only way that they could score was by using a tennis shot.
The 3rd pair added a further 28 + 4 extras to bring the total to 81.
 The last batsman batting alone added 11 which according to the umpire KB gave them a total of 82. This was corrected on advice from the other umpire to 92.
The Synergy batsman should learn t regain their crease after playing the ball as on many occasions they could have been run out but Taverners being the nice guys just let it go.
Bowling:-Nigel 2 – 18, Alli 0 – 20, Phil 0 – 26, Sid 1 – 17, David 2 – 21, Chomo 1- 10 & only 1 extra
Taverners opened with Ifran  batting alone & it took him an over to get used to the new
ball but in the end he started the team off with 8 + 2 extras
Next up Sid (43) & Phil (34) put on their usual hit & run display to the point that Phil had to quit through lack of oxygen. With 4 extras Taverners were 1 short of a tie
David (16) & Nigel (11) were next up looking for 2 to  win after the 1st over they were looking for 6 to win but they slowly overcame the total putting on 30.
The final pair of Chomo (30) & Alli (18) had some relaxed batting practice with Ali backing up at the non strikers end by leaning a little lighter on his bat.
Final total 174 a win by 82
A few of the team gathered at the Fox to boost the “bookie’s” Grey Cup Pool, but Phil had to leave “to get some oxygen”, presumably that is what he was sucking through the paper tube in his mouth as he left.
Next Game:- Sunday Dec 02 11:00 AM @ BCCC vs. Sher e Maples
This Wednesday Practice at RB Russel School on Dufferin at 8:00 PM
vs Golden Boys – 18 November 2012
Taverners batted 1st on a very pleasant sunny November day With Sid & Philip as the 1st pair after a number of attempted quick runs they were in negative territory so they settled for a more serious approach ending up with Philip on -2 & Sid on 47 for a total of 51.
The next pair Alli (52)& KJ (5) also pushed the scoring along with Alli taking most of the bowling taking the sore to 110
The 3rd pair David  (12) & Shan (18) had a little trouble with the roof but did provide the fans with a few laughs & brought the total to 142
Chomo (16) rounded out the innings batting alone with David standing motionless at the other end for a final total of 159
The Golden Boys never really got into the scoring pace required particularly against the slower bowlers Alli & Shan.
The opening pair ended with 36, the batsmen batting alone added 14 for a total of 50. The next pair could only add 36 stymied by a magnificent catch1 handed by Keith.
The final pair looking for 73 batted well but were kept to a total of 46 & a team total of 132 a Taverner win by 47.
 Bowling Shan 3 – 29, David 3 – 21, Sid 1 – 15, Alli 1 -26, Chomo 1 – 28 & Keith 1 -38
As usual we gathered after the game at the Fox where David asked a relative of his as he came in “what are you doing here?” A funny thing to ask of someone coming into a pub. The general tone of the conversations for the rest of the afternoon we in a similar vein.
Our next game is next Sunday at 1:00 PM Vs. Synergy.
vs Five Rivers – 4 November 2012
A cold grey Sunday morning in Winnipeg marked the start of a new cricket season indoors with Taverners playing 5 Rivers, a new team from the Indian community. I had an inkling that we might be in trouble when the opposition was in the gym warming up & stretching while Taverners were having difficulty deciding which 7 of the 8 present should be playing. Ron presented us with the “new” ball shiny red with a wicked sharp seam.
Taverners won the toss & decided to bat & opened with Sid & Mark. The new ball proved to be particularly bouncy & both batsmen had difficulty with their timing except for the one that Sid slapped square catching my elbow & then hitting Gigi on the shoulder. The result of that shot & the sharp seam was to slice off about an inch of skin from my elbow despite the fact that I was wearing a sweater.
Both batsmen eventually got going & aided by 16 wides put on 46, with Sid on 24 & Mark with 6
The next pair David (11) & Anil (14) also struggled with with new ball & some good bowling that improved on the wide front, taking the score to 78
Chomo batting alone had difficulty facing a number of wides some of which he could not “Nigel” out of the way of scoring 9 plus 7 extras taking Taverners to 94.
The final pair Imdad(46) & Keith (1) were the only pair that looked comfortable maybe because Keith spent most of his time at the non strikers end bringing the Taverners final total to 146 of which 35 came from wides.
The Five Rivers batsmen showed that they all could play shots & had not a lot of difficulty with the Taverner bowling although the 1st pair scored slowly until they managed to get to David in a 16 run over. The 1st pair starting with 53.
The single batsman came next & the steady flow of runs continued, Sid managed a good catch from a ball driven hard straight at him catching the ball as it bounced back off his chest. After the 3 overs 5 Rivers were on 75.
The next pair continued to play their strokes using the walls but not attempting much in the way of running adding another 56 for a total of 131.
This left the final pair to score 16 from 36 balls, although one of the pair looked like a rookie & was going to be “sheltered” he in fact played with the same fluency as the others. The Taverner bowlers relaxed a little when they saw victory racing away from them but even a Sid..Munro-Smith ball got beaten.
The 5 Rivers final score according to the umpire was 201 but as he scored the final pair with 60 my math made the score 191.
Taverner bowling, Sid 1 – 22, Anil 0 – 45, Imdad 2 – 38, David 0 – 38, Mark 0 – 30, Chomo 1 –41.
Half a dozen of the players gathered at the Fox after & it was obvious that a lot of insults had built up over the weeks & they came thick & fast from all directions.
A couple of valid points…. so far no decision has been made on our application for the gym so we will be meeting on Wednesday at the Fox
Chomo is unable to host the next Poker Night on the originally proposed date so it will now be held on Friday November 23rd.
There is no Taverner game next weekend. The next game against Golden Boys on Nov 18 all games in the 7 a side will be at BCCC.