John Lovelace

We were all shocked & saddened to learn of the passing of John Lovelace a couple of weeks ago. I think the turnout yesterday for this service only showed just how much he had influenced so many people here in Manitoba.

As John was a long-time member of Taverners the call went out from the President for members to make the effort to attend. Just from a quick count I figure there were at least 17 Taverners or former members in attendance many wearing the club tie as a show of respect. I was surprised but very pleased to see Horace there even though he is confined to a wheel chair. A number of people made emotional & often humorous speeches outlining John’s passion for the game of cricket, golf & life, including the President of Canadian Cricket & the head of volunteers at the Kingswood Golf and Country Club in La Salle that John volunteered at for a number of years.

Many faces from the past of Winnipeg Cricket were there, far too many to name & many that finding a name to match the face was a little beyond me.

As is our custom after the ceremony & the get together afterwards most of the group retired to “The Fox” to raise a glass in memory of John.


Dyanand (Dan) Maharaj

Percy Bulsara

Herb Embuldeniya

Gene Lloyd

Harry Davies

Terry Jolly

Herbert Spenser

Cliff Ashwell

Gwil Evans

Dr. Peter N. Porritt (founder)

Rob Vernon

It was with great sadness that we recxieved the news of Rob’s passing last week. Rob had been a Taverner for many years , joining the club in the early 90’s when he arrived in Winnipeg.
A memorial service will be held for Rob on Saturday, March 9 2 2pm at the Coutu Funeral Home on Archibald St.


When the call goes out the Taverners respond.

Case in point was the Memorial Service for Rob Vernon held on Saturday  March 09.
By my count there were 17 Taverners members present plus half a dozen  wives, daughters etc.
The hall, where they were expecting some 40 people, was full to  overflowing. After the formal service, which I felt failed to reflect the Rob  that we knew except from contributions from The Down Under Club & our own  Philip, we adjourned for Tea & Goodies.
Someone somewhere suggested that a more Taverner like wake would have been  more to Robs liking. So the majority of the Taverners group decamped to the  Norwood Hotel where a number of glasses were raised to Rob’s memory.  Surprisingly after about 1/2 hour both Rob’s brothers James & Pete &  sister in law Jan joined us. They expressed their thanks to us for the way we  had befriended & stuck by Rob through his troubles & were relieved to  find out we were mostly aware of some of the blacker aspects of Rob’s life over  the past number of months.
I repeated my sadness that Rob didn’t get to go back to Australia before he  passed away. Jan informed me that “he” would be going going home with her &  Pete.
At the end of a pleasant evening with Rob’s Aussie family we presented the  brothers with Taverner ties as a memory of Rob’s love of the game here.


Just wanted to say what a good time we all had on Saturday afternoon after Rob’s funeral. The Taverners were thrilled that you were able to sneak away from ‘family’ to enjoy a few pints, some laughs and get to meet some of those who considered Rob a great friend. Hopefully you all got to see that he was loved (in a manly sort of way) and he had friends here who supported him during some of his tougher times. And we were really happy to hear that Robbie was ‘going home’!
We hope that you will keep in touch with us now that you & James are ‘honorary Taverners’. We have a blog site …www.tavernerscc.wordpress.com that will allow you to follow the goings on of the Taverners from afar (why you would want to do that is beyond me but I am giving you the option anyway)!!  🙂
Hope you are having/had a good time in Invermere or wherever it was you headed off to. And should you return to Winnipeg for some reason in the summer we expect you to play one Wednesday evening for the Taverners – and we promise none of us will go to the shops while you are batting!!  🙂
All the best, keep in touch and please pass on our best wishes to Jan and James.


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