March 27 practice at the Fox…

A little smaller group this week but a lot of discussion. At the north end of the table the discussion was about  the NHL playoff structure, I was involved but frankly my dear I don’t give a damn. At the south end apparently the talk went from strategy to masturbation by what path I have no idea & I have no clue if any resolution was proposed..
More general discussion concerned the social activities of the club with a motion to be presented at the AGM that we fund the 4 (count them) BBQ’s out of the general fees & that beer post game be $3.00 agreed except Phil who wants $4.50 on the basis if he is not happy why should anyone else be.
It was at this time that Keith J offered to host a Passover Seder dinner for the team next year this will occur sometime between April 15 & 21st. 2014. This brought up the idea of other religious festivals but being a pretty sacrilegious group none were identified except a definite No No to Ramadan as we are not physically in shape for a fast. It eventually came around to maybe resurrecting an old idea from the early Taverners a “Progressive Dinner”.
We finally settled how Irfan’s name is correctly spelled but only after the group elected him captain for the Brandon trip, a decision he vigorously opposed.
Next week it is the Bragging Bat on Wednesday April 3 we will be meeting at Ducky’s at 5:00 but we must be at BCCC & ready to play by 6:00. The team was decided at the meeting so be there whether you have been informed or not, there are no excuses.
On Saturday April 6 we will be playing 2 games in Brandon, Karan will be trying to arrange that we play the 1st 2 on the schedule so that we can enjoy a social gathering after & still get back to Winnipeg at a reasonable hour.

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