Looking at the squad that Cosmos put out for this game it was obvious that they were bound & determined to reclaim the trophy after 2 losses. A side with probably the oldest player being younger than anyone on the Taverner squad. A side including at least 3 players who are at the junior international level & a side that had practiced for most of the winter to gain revenge.
Batting 1st with Paul (35) & Stuart (6) Cosmos started very well not looking at all troubled by the Taverner bowling, picking up 41 from their 5 overs. In previous indoor games played under Taverner rules the average team scores had not gone much beyond 60, this showed that the players had learned a few lessons & were playing with more discipline.
The next pair Rahul (22) & Aklas (13) continued in the same vein Rahul dominating but suffering a couple of expensive (-5) outs. It appears from the score sheet that wides (2) are credited to the batsman.
The 3rd pair Waleed (17) & Sudarshan (17) continued to add to the total in a fairly easy manner.
The final pair Vasu (32) & Bobby (-13)  bring the total to 129 a much higher score than would have been expected from past performances.
Taverners looking at a little over 6 an over, had the spectators in an apprehensive mood, as they had never scored into 3 figures in a Taverners rules game. They opened with Sid (35) & David (18), they were aided by a number of wides to start the scoring off with 51.
Next pair Alli (30) & Irfan (-2) kept the score ticking over to bring up 79.
The 3rd pair Martin (9) & Philip (10) were on 12 after 2 overs without once getting the bat to ball. The 1st ball being struck was to the ceiling after which time the 1st scoring stroke from the bat was greeted by a round of applause. Taking advantage of the large number of wides they brought the total to 98.
The final pair of the skipper Chomo (29) & Nigel (6) requiring a little more than a run a ball, reached the winning total with an over to spare, so that they had to survive that over without getting out, Aklas had a chance for a catch off of the wall but obviously forgot that this would have given an out.
Taverners finish with 133 a win by 4 runs with at least 20 minutes to spare.
As square leg umpire I received the usual share of abuse from the Taverner squad complaining that I wasn’t calling no ball to a ball above the waist when it wasn’t & later complaining when I called an obvious one that wasn’t to the teams advantage. One batsman who shall remain nameless claimed a full toss was above his waist, how can an umpire judge when the batsman doesn’t have a waist.
After the game the Cosmos bowlers spent some time bowling at the stumps at which time they could get on line as there was no batsman to distract them. If they had managed that during the game it would have been a much different result, as their wides added well over 50 to the Taverner total.
The usual post match presentation was made at the Fox, a pity that at that time NO Cosmos player was present, eventually 3 non playing Cosmos members joined us. Ray explained that the Cosmos players did not indulge in the most important aspect of the game & that was the reason for their absence. Maybe that also explains why they are unable to withstand the pressure.

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