Tour 2014

Attendees:- Chris, Clive, Jon, David, Sid, Hein, Martin, Joe M., Imdad, Chomo, Keith.
A well attended meeting that with an agenda available & kept in order by Chris moved the decisions along very quickly.
The results of these decisions will be sent to Top Order Tours to arrange the tour, so there may be some minor changes if they see fit.
1/ Dates confirmed:- June 27 till July 11 2014. A couple of potential tourists have graduations on the 28th, but it was felt that if necessary they could miss maybe the 1st game & travel a day or so later.
2/ Location:- will be in Somerset we will be requesting a game in Bridgetown & maybe one in Porlock if possible.
3/ Accommodation:- we will be asking for Inn/Pub B & B type. All in 1 facility if possible or 2 adjacent properties. Currently we have 12 confirmed members travelling from Winnipeg plus 5 partners with 1 & possible 2 joining us in the UK for the duration & a couple more for portions of the tour.
It is assumed that we will be charged for the 2 weeks even if we take a couple of days off to travel.
4/ Number & types of Games:-  Suggestion is that we play 2- 40 over games over the 1st weekend take 2 or 3 days off. Play 2 – 20 over games in the week. Another couple of 40 over weekend games.  Then a couple more 20 over games in the following week.
This will give ample rest time & a chance to travel.
5/ Bus:- we will be looking at a bus with a driver for the duration.
Other decisions made:-  Jon to be Tour Manager & Equipment Manager.
Captain T.B.D. later.
Keith & Joe M to look after presentation material i.e. Pins, Flags etc.
Keith will look at a team profile booklet.
Chris will be team Doctor & Hein team physio. will need space in equipment bags for pills etc.
Uniforms discussion looked at a 20 over coloured uniform & a 40 over white gear. Thought to be too expensive. We will go with whites with some burgundy accents on shirts & pants.
Suggestion from Joe that we all start to salt money away to make sure the credit cards don’t take too much of hit. we have 15 months to work with.
Chris will look at group air bookings from Toronto to London maybe BA or Lufthansa.
FYI train time from London to Bristol between 1h – 35  & 2 hours
Next meeting:- Friday June 28 at Chris Emery’s 7:00 PM  It was suggested that all people that are going, attend

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