A nice early summer evening with no breeze

A nice early summer evening with no breeze for a game against another new side to the league. The mat was down as usual before the majority of the squad  were in attendance. Then there was much discussion who would stand down to let Phil in, eventually the Skipper stood down usually a good omen for victory. Taverners again lost the toss & were asked to field & started off with some tight bowling from Sid & Anil. The scorer needs a few lessons in completing the score sheet as he shows the catcher in 2 dismissals in the bowlers column. From memory Ossie on his 1st game as a Taverner took 2 catches, one falling forward. Rene had 1 over with 8 scored from it but took 3 for 7 in the other 3. The book shows Ossie taking 2 for 6 but no “w’s” show on the sheet so I can only assume that we cannot use this game in the averages. With only 1 batsmen showing any scoring ability the Warriors were 89 for 9 after 20 overs.
Taverners opened with skipper Hein & Anil, Hein trying to avoid being run out by Sid, both batsmen struggled against opening bowler Naseem, with Anil being trapped lbw for 2. Rene played slowly for 5 before being stumped?? & Karan chopped the ball on to his stumps for 1. From there on the Doctors, Hein (44) & Chris (10) aided by 25 wides brought the game home in 13 overs, a Taverners win by 7 wickets.
The evening saw the return of the mosquitos, hope that is not an omen for the summer
Post game was held at Joes who supplied a variety of burgers to go with the beer, but again we were inflicted with a hockey game & again after sitting through a couple of hours of TV their was no result before everyone left for home. And they say cricket is slow.
Next week the game is against AICC & post game at Keith James’s.
Next Saturday there is a farewell to Phil & Sylvia at Karl’s starting at 4:00

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