Our 1st outdoor game of a new season,

Our 1st outdoor game of a new season, despite giving specific instructions about being at the ground at 5:30 to put out the mat, by the time the last spike was driven we had 6 players in attendance, plus 2 more who appeared from the bushes immediately the task was complete. The opposition meanwhile had a full slate ready. By game time a full 11 were on the field & a 12th man who shall remain nameless wandered on hoping to join in the fun. Hein’s 1st task as vice captain was to lose the toss & have us field 1st.

Prior to the start I informed both sides that I would be using the Manitoba rule 8 to judge wides even though it has been pointed out that it is wrongly written. An unexpurgated version is copied below.


(8) Wide ball – Law25


Umpires are instructed to apply very strict and consistent interpretation in regard to this Law in

order to prevent negative bowling wide of the wicket. Any offside or leg side delivery which in the opinion of

the umpire does not give the batsman a reasonable opportunity to score shall be called a wide.

A penalty of one run for a wide shall be scored. This penalty shall stand in addition to any other runs which

are scored or awarded. All runs, which are run or result from a wide ball, which is not a no ball, shall be

scored wide balls.

As I failed to make the scorebook available until after the break the info on the Maples batting is sketchy. From memory they started slowly with plenty of hard

hit shots going to fielders for singles & a number of skied balls being missed.  Martin did manage to hold one & Keith held on to a couple behind. The Maples

opening bat scored 53 but only ever moved his feet to run, never to make a stroke. Only 1 other player registered runs in the book with 34 & Maples finished

with 121 for 7 in the 20 overs.

Taverners bowling of note:-  Sid 2 for 9,  Anil 3 for 8

Taverners opened with Sid & Hein & surprisingly Sid did not run Hein out. Hein took a while to get going but Sid decided that the ball was to be hit & he also

kept most of the strike according to the book the opening pair put on 75 with Hein being 1st out for 11. Next Philip joined Sid for a short stay  for 4, then Anil

for an even shorter time for 1 being run out by the keeper who had no clue where the ball was, but it bounced off him onto the stumps.

After Sid was finally out for 69 complaining that I had forced him into trying at least one other shot, Imdad & David completed the victory by 5 wickets with 2+

overs to spare.

Post game meeting was at Chris Emery’s where the crowd sat around Chris’s new giant TV & watched some silly hockey game, but at least we had copious

amounts of white mans food to go with the beer. No accounting of the consumption available as the crowd vanished with the final whistle of the game.

Next Wednesday 5:30 Vs. Winnipeg Warriors.  Post game at Joe’s on Cambridge.



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