Minutes of the 2014 Annual General Meeting

Meeting held on April 25, 2014 at Karl Jaikaransingh’s residence.

Present: Keith Tipples, Keith James, Jon Page, Karran Bayney, Hein Peters, C. Vanderwert, Andrew Dunsford, Martin Daibee, Rene Fitzpatrick, Imdad Alli, Karl Jaikaransingh, Mark Anderson, Sid Roberts, Chris Emery, Nigel Wilcox, Ina Pich, Ray Kohanik, David Hakes, Andrew Amsden, Belle, Ossie, Roche, Gavin (new member)

Apologies: Anil Kaul,

Absent: Horace Hackette, John Lovelace, Joe Sylvester, Phillip Munro-smith, Sammy Armogan, Shawn Armogan, Nazeem, I

7:00 p.m. Meeting called to order by the President. President mentioned names of those who sent apologies for missing the meeting.

7:02 p.m. Agenda was read and addition made (baseball). Carried

7:05 p.m. Minutes of 2013 AGM were read and adopted.

Corrections and omission Ray Kohanik name was spelled incorrectly. Correction made

Matters arising: None .

Moved: Karran/Nigel adopted

7:12 p.m. Captain’s report: no time to write report, verbal report given. Thanked V.C. and members for their continued support during the past season. Trip to Minneapolis was good. Thanked Chomo for filling in when he was not present. Brandon trip was a success. Enjoyed the past year as captain. Would like to send a special thank you to the wives, girlfriends (if you have both, great on you) for their continued support given to the Taverners. Lost the bragging bat outdoors. Upset for being dropped for the final game in Brandon.

Indoor Captain’s report: Did not play the 7-a-side. Good 6-a-side indoor season, we lost the bragging bat against Cosmos. They had their premier players. The indoor practice was not well attended.

Discussion followed on the merits of the indoor practice we had at Orioles. We may not play the 7-a-side and just practice at Orioles. Practice at the alternate location F&H has been well attended. Thanked all members for their support during the indoor season.

7:17 p.m. President’s remarks: Apologize for not being readily available last year. Commend everyone for carrying on during his absence. Hope he was able to keep the group knit together. Thanked members for their help in the house renovation. Wish team best of luck on his departure and their tour of England

Thanked social committee for their efforts, and the hosts of the various evening social events.

7:20 p.m. Treasurer’s report: A financial statement for the past fiscal year was presented.

Karran reported on the financial standing of the social committee. motion: Karran/Jon Carried.

The budget for the upcoming year was presented.

Budget for the social committee was presented. Beer prices will be $4.00 each. Karl indicated that the price had to be $4 as there was little profit per bottle. Karran indicated that given the expenses of the last year, the beer price had to be at $4 minimum. If not, then other activities will happen or be pared back

Motion for the budget – Karran/Karl. Carried

7:31 p.m. Beer break.

7:37 Social conveners’ remarks: The $25 levy was good as it assisted with the BBQ.

Beer sales assisted with all other activities. Recommend that beer prices be at $4.00

Motion Karl/Keith Carried

7:44 p.m. Brew Master’s report. Written report presented. Currently brewing several batches of beer. Beer will come in the large bottle only, the equivalent of two regular bottles in one. His cost is $1.5 per bottle. Per the social sercrtary, the cost per bottle will be $8.00

7:49 p.m. Election of Officers:

Chris Emery Stepped down and acted at the returning officer.

President: Nigel Wilcox Keith Tipples/Karl ( by acclamation)

Co-Captain: M. Daibee – outdoor Sid/Dave( by acclamation)

Chomo Vandervert – Indoor Nigel/KArl(by acclamation)

Vice-Captain: D. Hakes – indoor Nigel/Imdad ( by acclamation)

H. Peters – outdoor Jon/Imdad (by acclamation)

Sec/Tres: K. Bayney Imdad/Keith James (acclamation)

Social conveners: Karl Jaikaransingh/ Mark Anderson (alternate twins)( by acclamation)

MCA rep Keith James

Curling Rep. Ray Kohanik

Motion to pass, Andrew/ Keith T – carried.

8:15 p.m. Nomination for James A. Rose Trophy:

Nomination; Chirs Emery for suggesting practise and not turning up Keith James/Sid

Karran- for continued work on Taverners and rebuilding the trophy Keith Tipples/Nigel. (7 votes)

Keith and Karl for their work on Dakota Cricket Ray/Imdad (3 votes)

Chris/Jon for organizing the England tour Martin/Keith J (6 votes)

8:04 p.m. Beer break

8:10 p.m. New Business:

New members: Andrew Amsden Karl/Jon

Gavin Roche Hein/Imdad

Kyle (???) Jon/Sid


The membership committee will consist of the president, Captain and VC (Nigel, Martin and Hein)

Tours: Chris indicated that the England tour will be in place by next few week. The Cdn $ has risen in value against the pound so less will be needed to be paid. A refund will be sent to members.

Karran mentioned that the uniforms has been ordered

Keith James to look in to Minneapolis tour. By show of hands there were about 8 people indicating they are willing to go to Minneapolis. Keith will advise as time gets closer

Baseball: Hein indicated that as the doctor for the Goldeyes, he gets two box tickets for games. Asked if any Taverners were interested. By a show of hands, all were interested. He has access to the box only all refreshments are the member’s responsibility.

High School cricket: Keith James provided the latest development of the Dakota cricket facilities. It will cost approximately $50K to build. He has to raise $10K so far he has managed to raise about $7K. Taverners has donated and additional $500 to the construction.

Golf: Taverner`s golf league will be managed by Mark

8: 37 p.m. Meeting adjourned.

Thanks to Karl and Ann for supplying the excellent soup and the 21 yr old rum.