Tour to England – 2014

Gentlemen as of Friday afternoon we are at 9 people who have committed including at least 2 who will only be marginal players.
I am not sure of Chris’s feelings but in my opinion if we don’t get at least another 6 or 7 by early next week the tour is off.
This started off with a lot of enthusiasm & people telling us that they were definitely in but now we have less than 40% who are prepared to put their money where their mouth was.
If this does fall through I know that I for one will not put myself out again to organise a tour anywhere.
I will be going to the UK in the next 12 – 24 months anyway so the tour falling through will not disrupt my plans for seeing some cricket & sampling some of the UK’s better beers, but I would have enjoyed it more if  I were to go there with a group of friends.
It seems that a polite reminder has fallen on many deaf ears so we must try the profane……
                                              EITHER SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT


You have had some weeks to digest the minutes of the last meetings & to read the comments from Matthew at Top Order Tours.
So what we must now do is finalise on some points.
I think the  dates that I have heard getting the most votes is the June 27 to July 11 or the closest weekend.
Specific destinations:- we need to fix this now & a majority of those I have spoken to think a single destination is better, Somerset & Gloucester being among the preferences.
If you will be there for 1 or 2 weeks & which of the weeks. Important that we know our potential squad
ill you be bringing a wife or Girl Friend? (remember it does not necessarily have to be yours).
Do we want a driver or will we supply?
This way Matthew can get us detailed costs & everyone can make the decision & get the $500.00 deposit in by the end of March.
So far I have had 1 cheque given to me which I will forward along with mine to Chris. I have not been in contact with our wandering minstrel so I have no idea if he has received any feedback.
The deadline is less than 2 weeks away & I am guessing but if we don’t get sufficient numbers by that time the Tour will be in jeopardy.
If you have already made up your mind a $500 cheque should be made out to:-
Taverners Tour 2014
& sent to:-
Chris Emery
6170 Rannock Avenue
R3R 0N6.


Great to hear from you. You’ve added a bit of perspective to me moaning about a couple of centimetres of snow here in the UK. Thanks for the photos too, I particularly enjoyed the cricket bat curling brush!

I’m really pleased you are interested in proceeding, it would be a real pleasure to have you tour with us.

Some answers to your questions:
– Prices remain quite constant at all non-London locations, though Somerset can be very well priced so is certainly worth using as one of your locations.
– Let me know the name of the house in Somerset your member has found, I can bet you a hefty sum we already use it for tours so it will be no problem to integrate it into your itinerary.
Answering any further questions without more exact tour details is difficult. Deposit amounts and payment dates depend on the accommodation and variations in pricing relies a little on knowing a bit more on the likely composition of the group. So allow me to suggest a plan of action to proceed:
– Please advise of your best guess of group size, including likely number of players and non-players. We will then produce prices for each type of tourer plus reduced rates for those travelling for a shorter period.
– If you can also provide a more precise desired tour date that would help.
– Are you still keen to stay in pub B&B or do I take it you are also open to self-catering as you have mentioned the Somerset house?
– Once I have this information I’ll be able to send you a sample itinerary, accommodation options, deposit information and the variable pricing you have requested.
Look forward to hearing from you,
Its been a while but in this part of the world when the temperature goes below minus 25 you either leave for somewhere warmer, hibernate, or as some of do play indoor cricket. Unfortunately this doesn’t give us much time to get the group together, but we managed on Friday & generated a lot of positives & some questions that needed answers. It seems that the group is in favour of using your company to set up the tour & we seem to have sufficient bodies to make it work. Although 1 of our members who now lives in Wales thought that he needed to join as we had 4 managers, 2 scorers & 3 umpires….cheeky sod.
a) How will the charges vary for wives, girl friends etc. who will be joining with the tour?
b) What arrangements can be made for individuals that want to join the group for one week or even a few days?
c) What are the variations in price be for different locations? We are looking at Somerset, maybe Kent or Surrey.
d) What will be the required deposit with Top Order Tours, & When??? & what is their refund policy.
e) Could Top Order Tours incorporate the house that one of our members found in Somerset that can accommodate up to 28 people?
Once we get these answers & enough bodies back in town we can get moving on this thing. Right now we are pushing for a financial commitment by the end of March.
By the way the pictures were taken at the Friday meeting & no we are not zombies.
The other was at the Manitoba curling bonspiel, the biggest in the world. you are supposed to register 4 player plus 1 alternate. We tend to cheat & its surprising that we haven’t been caught out as we started with 4 Pales & ended with 4 darks. Mind you in the the 30 games we have played we still haven’t won one.


It’s great to hear from you, thanks for sending over that information. I enjoyed reading your blog immensely, it sounds like Taverners play the game with the same village green spirit and philosophy that my club team does. It would be a real pleasure to help organise your 2014 tour to the UK.

To help you with your preparations I have, as requested, put together a short document detailing approximate pricing for your tour. It is attached as a PDF document to this email.
As I’m sure you will appreciate these are approximate quotes that are subject to adjustment after your exact dates, numbers etc are decided. It does though give my best possible estimation of costs and we will do all we can to stick to these prices.
If you need anything adjusting or need any more information at present please do get in touch by email or I’d be more than happy to call to discuss your requirements. We operate a friendly and personalised approach to tour organising so it would be a real pleasure to work with you over the next year or so to put together the perfect tour for Taverners CC.
All the best,
 Dear Jon,

Many thanks for requesting a quote for a Top Order Tour.

I’m pleased to be able to send over, as requested, a quote to provide you with
an indication of approximate costs for your 2014 tour to the UK. Please see

Option Cost Transport Tour Rep
1 £650 None provided On Arrival Only
2 £825 2 x 15 seat minibuses On Arrival Only
3 £1020 Large coach with driver On Arrival Only
4 £1070 Large coach with driver Throughout the tour

All options are inclusive of the following:

-13 Nights B&B accommodation at two pub B&Bs
-7 Fixtures arranged with local sides of appropriate standard
-All match fees
-Tea between innings for afternoon matches
-2 A-grade match balls per-40 over match, one per 20 over match
-Meet and greet at airport by TOT representative
-4 days sightseeing entry
-Guide for most sightseeing trips
-Wet Weather Guarantee – your match fees back if the game is cancelled

This tour is fully covered by our payment protection, viewable HERE

Our Terms and Conditions can be viewed HERE

Kind Regards,

Matthew Stroud

Since the last meeting we have had 3 individuals who have joined the confirmed group:-    Garvin   Joe M. & Roy with Dominic Pickering added to the “interested”

Next Meeting on Jan 25 at 7:00 at Chris Emery’s

Taverners Tour of UK 2014


Inaugural meeting: – present Chris, Jon, Alli, Tommy, Ray, Joe S., David

Timing    Suggested dates for a 2 week tour.

June 20th to July 5th or June 27th to July 12th. Need to have dates settled quickly so we can proceed with locating accommodation etc.

Location After discussion & recollections it was finally decided that we split the tour between Kent & Somerset. Hopefully using John Willi (West) & Tom Meek (Kent) as on the ground advisors. Unfortunately after the meeting I did some checking & both clubs in Kent that we had targeted as remembered no longer exist & the hotel where we stayed before has become prohibitive. Tom has also moved to……Somerset Need a rethink. David is to look at the chance of renting a large house in Somerset as his family did.

Transportation Air transport will be the responsibility of each individual. Ground transport suggestion of a large van plus 1 or 2 cars.

Competition: – Village teams or urban club sides. 45 over games or T20 or evening games?? Suggestion that we limit ourselves to 8 games

Personnel Keep the party to around 15 players. Tour to be open to wives & girlfriends, your choice. So far we have around 20 people who have said that they are committed: – Chris, Jon, Ray, Alli, Tommy, Chomo, Martin, Neil, Clive, & Sid;

or interested, maybe or probable: – Hein, Tony, David, Keith, Rene, Garvin, Joe M, Joe S, Roy, Andrew D. Nigel. With the possibility of John Willi & Neal T joining us for some portion

Alli to check with the Lions boys to get some feedback

Accommodation This one of the 1st things to get settled & may dictate where we play. Seems that the preference is for a village pub but it must have 8 or more rooms & serve breakfast.

Finances  We expect all those who want to come along to make a financial commitment by the end of February 2013 a sum of $500 was suggested but it must be enough to cover any deposits we have to make for our accommodation. The portion of the deposit that is for accommodation will be non-refundable but can be transferred to a replacement player.

Next Meeting. Once we get some feedback on our preferred or secondary locations we will need to get together to form a committee to take this forward. Chris to let us know what dates he has when he will be in town in January.


Our 1st meeting to discuss the potential tour to the UK in June/July 2014 will be held at  Chris Emery’s place on Friday December 7th -7:00PM

Address 6170 Rannock Avenue in Charleswood       2 houses east of Charleswood Road.

Bring along ideas for Where? When? etc.

If you are interested but have not yet made up your mind come along & see if you are ready to commit.


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