We are the Taverners Cricket Club in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

The Taverners Cricket Club was founded in the late 1950’s when several ex-pat British doctors decided to form a team that would play 20 over games on one week night during the summer.

Cricket was a thriving sport at that time in Manitoba, but was played on the weekends only, and due to work commitments, these doctors found it difficult to participate in full 40 over games.

Founders include…Dr Peter Porritt, Dr Terry Jolly, and Dr Gwil Evans.

Ages of team members range from mid – late 20’s to late 70’s. In all honesty, the oldest active playing members are in their 60’s.   Team membership is made up of persons from any country and any walk of life…..the only stipulation to membership is…a true love of the game of cricket…and an ability to enjoy the off field camaraderie of a bunch of crazy guys from all corners of the earth.

The team has continued to function over the years and maintains a membership of about 20 to 25 active members. The team used to make efforts to tour the English countryside every 4 or 5 years. These events allowed members to play cricket as it used to be played…on a grass wicket…in an atmosphere of rural tranquility. But due to the ever changing demographics these tours have been relegated to history! Our touring now is to Minneapolis in the USA (about a 6hour drive from Winnipeg) for the annual T20 tournament there on the September Long Weekend. And a great weekend it is too…some cricket, some shopping and lots of beer!!

The team also participates in an indoor cricket league, which runs from October through April….it gets a little chilly here in the winter for outdoor games. (Winnipeg is supposedly the coldest city in the world with a population over 500,000) Members find the indoor game keeps them in fine, razor-sharp form for the summer seasons!

In addition to our cricketing the Club enjoys 2 golf tournaments, we enter the largest curling (bowls on ice) bonspiel in the world, have frequent ‘meetings’ at local hostelries and a great end of season BBQ…

Membership is by sort of by invite or you apply to be a member and we will consider all requests. What we look for in potential candidates is – you must have a thick skin to be able to take the verbal shit that will be hurled your way, be sociable, able to walk and maybe even know how to play the game!!

The Taverners C.C. enjoys a busy social calendar. It is part of the “being” of the Club that there be an active social side to the organization, not because we are a bunch of drunks, but rather to foster a strong sense of camaraderie amongst the members – something like the 3 Musketeers…one for all and all for one!The AGM is held the last Friday of April every year. This is where the members get to speak out and elect their “leaders” for the year and to bitch about the high cost of beer and annual dues! There are usually a couple of Golf Tournaments – 1 18 hole & 1 – 9 hole for members.After every game during the summer months the players and supporters attend one of the the members homes for a few drinks and light snacks  These are usually fairly lively events.  Post-Game during the winter months we adjourn to the Fox & Hounds on Portage Ave for the celebrations or, occasionally, to cry into our beer.We also enter a ‘team’ in the annual Manitoba Curling Bonspiel despite the fact that none of us really curl!! But we have fun and usually make lots of friends!September (1st weekend after the Long weekend) is the  Annual Taverner BBQ. Once again hosted at a members residence this is the opportunity for us to thank our wives, partners, significant others for their patience and understanding over the preceding twelve months and, if the truth be known, “sweeten them up” for the upcoming year by inviting them to the BBQ. We also need their salads, desserts, savory dishes etc…  The funds from all our hard “fundraising” during the year are put to good use at this time. Everything is paid for – steaks, beer & wine .   An event well worth the price of membership!

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