Indoor Season 2015

Saturday, January 31, 2015 – Taverners vs. Golden Boys
Well, the Taverner’s captain called and few answered.  So he called the scribe out of retirement who dusted off his ‘cricket clothes’ and asked his wife which set of spectacles to wear.  Instructions were left at home to keep the tub filled with hot water and Epson salts for the injury that was sure to follow.
Shortly before the appointed hour of 2:00 p.m. a shout from the captain was heard, I think Taverners won the toss.  Sid and Karran were sent in to bat.  After the first three overs, the score was about 30.  The pair scored fluently as if they were meant to be together and then the inevitable happened.  The scribe pulled up lame.  Sid then continued his onslaught with the pair finishing with 51 runs.
The next pair of Garvin and Mark took up the chase.  They struggled for the first three overs before they put their foot to the accelerator. Craftily placed shots, good running and bad bowling saw the pair advance the score quickly in the last three overs.  They finished with a great flurry bringing the score after the second pair to 101.
Chomo and David batted in the third pair.  They, like the prior pair, started slow with Chomo getting trapped to a in-swinging yorker (he later complained about the pain in his toe from getting hit).  At the start of the third over, the pair showed their true skill by hitting the back wall and side wall with great fluidity.  The bowlers, being battered around, could not decide whether to bowl over or around the wicket.  The final score after the last pair batted was 151.
The opposition went in and made a brave run at the score.  Some stiff bowling from the Taverners kept the first pair to 37, score after the second pair to 74 and the last pair to 123.
I think there were a few legitimate 9 ball overs.  Don’t know how that happened!!!!!!
I cannot say that I wicket kept as that would do a disfavour to all wicketkeepers.  I was not even a back stop, as that would put some ligimatacy to standing behind the stumps.
We retired to the Cambridge where the beer was flowing freely and discussion about the next tour was the main topic.  England, S.A or the W.I.
I am sure the captain now has many more options available when choosing the next team (keeping my fingers crosses but not sitting by the phone).
Sitting at home with an ice pack on my quad.

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