MCA Bonspiel, January 14-17 2016

HI Gents

There were four Taverners who came to Fort Rouge this afternoon to throw some rocks.  Given the numbers we had a light/dark match up of Rene/Karran vs. Keith/Ray and while the score wasn’t kept it was actually pretty close and featured some nice shots.  Of note, if we ever need a rock in the rings Rene is the player to call on.  He seems to be a natural.
Based on what I know to this point Karran, Nigel, Keith David, Andrew A, Rene, Alli, Hein, Garvin, Martin and me are interested in taking part.  If I’ve missed anyone let me know.
The schedule at this point looks like;
Thursday 6 p.m. at Charleswood:
Karran, Keith, Nigel and David
From here on locations and times TBA, but we think it will be:
Friday – expect 9 a.m.
Karran, Keith Nigel and Ray
Friday – expect 3 p.m.
Karran, Nigel, David, and Ray
Friday – expect 9 p.m.
Hein, Andrew A, Garvin and Rene
Saturday – expect noon
Alli, Hein, Rene and Martin
Saturday – expect 6 pm
Garvin, Ali, Andrew A and Martin
I will be out of town for the next three days but should be home around midnight on Wednesday.  As i’ll be in the far north i’m not sure if i’ll have e-mail.  If there are problems or omissions i’ll deal with them when i get back.
In discussions with Mr. Bayney, he advises that the team is in a position that there won’t be any cost to play.  We’ll just share cost of round(s) after games.  Here’s to a fun bonspiel.
Cheers, Ray

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