January 24, 2016 Indoor Game Report

Match report Taverner’s VS Sher-E-Maples
Game report from today….we lost the toss..we bowled, they scored 135ish..Mr Emery was great behind the stumps..we bowled ok , not many extras.,no dropped catches .but they hit the ball a lot
Batting next 42 from Ali and Chris, Anil and Chomo scored afew too..last pair David and Nigel did ok but only needed 20 from the last over..but wicket..wicket ..miss..wicket and the game was done..
Off to the Cambridge.Highlights   .crap beer ordered by Anil, Chomo buying a round with no money and we watched the football on the tv
My version of the game report.
Taverners members arrived in force with great expectations of winning the trophy again this year.  The umpire approached Chomo to take the toss.  Chomo stating that he was not ready as he needed to check the pitch for moisture, wind and ensure that his team had a proper warm-up session.  Team lists were exchanged and the toss was taken.  As usual, Chomo lost the toss and blamed it on the coin provided by the umpire.
The opposition winning the toss, decided to bat to take advantage of the moisture in the pitch.  The first pair started out slowly with some steady bowling from Anil, and Imdad.  The runs flowed freely when David, Chomo and Nigel bowled.  The first pair ended up scoring 54 runs including 6 extras.
The next pair were held to a respectable 37 runs including 4 extras.   The score at this time was 91 runs.  Nigel was asked by the umpire at this time to take a rest from bowling as he was at 2 overs for 29 runs.
The last pair scored 44 runs no extras were allowed.  Age must be catching up with the Taverners members as several (4) not so well stuck balls went through the fielder’s feet for 4.  Chris, I may add, was swift behind the stumps given his maturity. His leg-side collection was impressive.
Taverners were now set a score of 136 to win.
Taverners innings started slowly with Chris and Imdad.  The bowling was not stiff, but Chris being a little out of form, had a bit of difficulty scoring.  Imdad tired from his recent travels found batting a little tiresome.  The pair scored 42 including 8 extras.
The second paid of Chomo and Anil had could be overheard calculating the required runs for the pair.  Chomo facing, started slowly.  The bowling here was a little stiff and the batsmen found it difficult to find the side walls. The paid scored 41 runs including 10 extras.
The last pair of Nigel and and David (the running pair) started requiring 53 runs to win.  Not impossible 10 years ago.  David took charge of the batting as Nigel found it a little hard to negotiate some soft bowling.  The pair scored 32 runs including 2 extras.
Taverners retired to something they know best, gathering for a pint at a local establishment for friendly bantering and jocularity.
            Bowling        Batting
Anil     4-1-26            12
Imdad 4-1-36            22
David  4-2-34            24
Chomo 4-0-32           19
Nigel    2-0-29            6
Chris                        12

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