January 30, 2016 Indoor Game Report

Match Report     Taverners vs Bengal Tigers

Once again the skipper let us down – and lost the toss.  However, it is unlikely that this made much of a difference.

Mercifully, there are no stats available at the time of writing but the game went roughly as follows…

Bengal Tigers scored 160-170 – Taverners did not.

In our defence, perhaps the opposition should not be a “B” division team – but then again, perhaps we shouldn’t either 😉

The one-time-scribe.

Batting first the Bengal tigers scored 162 runs

Taverner’s bowling was as follows.

Sid            4 overs           27 runs         2 wickets

Anil           4 overs           41 runs          1 wicket

Chomo      3 overs           28 runs

David         4 overs           41 runs

Nigel          3 overs            35 runs         1 wicket

Taverner’s batting was as follows.

1st pair, Sid(19) and Chris(14) scored 33 runs

2nd pair, Chomo(4)  and Anil(37) scored 41 runs

3rd pair, David(8) and Nigel (0) scored 10 runs 

Extras 21 runs

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