Feb 06, 2016 Indoor Game Report

Match Report     Taverners vs MCC

Saturday’s game started ominously with some back-room dealing.  Both skippers disappeared into the changeroom/washroom from which Chomo emerged claiming victory (for once) – though he did have a guilty look on his face.   

Taverners batted and scored 129? (or thereabouts).  The first 2 pairs of MCA batsmen left their last pair requiring about 45 runs for the win.  Having never seen these players before we might have had cause for optimism, but it was not to be.  The unknowns could bat – better than we bowled.  Second place again for us.  Consistent, at least. 

I am sure the skipper will be emailing with the correct stats soon.

Batting first Taverners scored 129 runs with 15 been extras.

1 pair Sid(21) Chomo(14) scored 35

2 pair Alli(37) Chris(10) Scored 47

3 pair Anil(24) David(8) Scored 32

MCC Scored 139 runs.

Sid  4 overs  for 33 runs

Anil 4 overs,  38 runs for 3 wickets

David 4 overs, 36 runs for 1 wicket

Alli 4 overs, 37 runs for 4 wickets

Chomo 2 overs, 17 runs for 1 wicket

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