Feb 13, 2016 Indoor Game Report

Match Report     Taverners vs Bloomfield (Sri  Lanka team)

 Taverners score 136 . Highlights – Chomo gets Stumped ,LBW and run out twice -8 in 4 balls . Note we should have had 144.  Fielding and bowling was fantastic. Except Chomo who pulled an Andrew and got injured when nobody was looking and Chris Emery who was doing his best Stumps impersonation . So Chomo bowls one over and is done for The game , some weak excuses about a hang nail . Chris misses 2 run outs looking for a skirt to hide behind as Hakes throws to strong . Men of the match Anil and Nigel bowled and fielded extremely well . Roberts cost the Taverners the match with shit fielding and poor decisions while bowling . We all retired to the Cambridge for cheap beer and pop corn where we all decided that the eventual reason we lost was Chomo the captain . Munis 8 runs and not seen. In the field . Or was it Hakes for the super strong throws to Emery behind the stumps that resulted in no run outs , or was it the umpire for missing two run outs , or was it Nigel for being run out , alas it was probably Roberts for miss fielding a four and giving up a four of his last ball . Sorry No it was the Skipper . It was his fault . Taverners lose on the last ball of the game by one run….

Beers went down well .Thanks Chris for the ride home

Ok let’s clarify Mr Emery’s status as a wicket keeper in the Taverners . My report was made after 7.00pm and many beers . Thus it is to be taken with a grain off , see Phil Munroe-Smith Law of 2001 ( which was adopted after a lot of walking by Phil) . It must be written by this scribe that Chris is by far the best keeper the Taverners have at the moment and probably the best there’s ever been ( sorry Stumps) . The Skirt reference goes back to the game when Cindy was in town and Emery made know mistakes ( trying to impress ) . So this scribe must apologize to Mr Emery . So Piss off Taverners West he is ours . But will be interested in seeing you thoughts on the captaincy …..
Batting first Taverners scored 136 runs with 25 been extras.
1st Pair    Sid 31 runs             Chris 13 runs
2nd Pair  David 24 runs        Chomo 6 runs
3rd pair   Anil 27 runs           Nigel 27 runs
Bloomfield scored 137 runs.
Sid           5 overs   37 runs for 1 wicket
David      4 overs   50 runs for 1 wicket
Nigel       4 overs   28 runs for 1 wicket
Anil         4 overs    42 runs for 2 wickets
Chomo    1 over       7 runs

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