Feb 28, 2016 Indoor Game Report

Match report Taverners vs Winnipeg Woarriors

The Taverners are Back . Doing what they use to do. Which is , earn the respect of the opposition . The “Never Say Die Attitude ” that we expect from the Taverners . This being said we lost again . Chomo trying to pull a Martin and not playing himself did not work . 0-5 record .
So to the report . We lost the toss and batted first . Super star Chris Emery and side kick Sid opened the batting with well time strokes and athletic running between the wickets . Scoring 50 runs . Game on . Unfortunately Rene and Hakes had other ideas . Scoring only 17 runs . 7 of which were wides . I’ll do the math . They scored less than 2 runs an over off the bat. Thankfully Nigel and Anil put on put on 30 runs to give the Taverners an impressive 97 runs  . All the bowlers bowled well . We keep the second pair to just 18 runs . Alas they still scored 108 . Sid -4 overs none  for 17 runs. Rene -4 overs 1 wicket for for 28 runs. Anil – 4 overs 2 wickets for 27 runs. Nigel – 2 overs 1 wicket for 13 runs. David – 4 overs 1 wicket for 37 runs. With tails between the legs we retreated to the Cambridge Hotel for the usual debrief of the game and beers .( This one thing we can say we do well). Chomo still looking for his first win , hit a new low throwing out names like Karen , Kieth , Martin , Andrew , as possible solutions to the 0-5 losing streak . May be Hein or Garvin could help . Anyway there is always next week …..and beer.


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