April 9,2016 1st Indoor Playoff game

Match report Taverners vs Bloomfield – 2nd vs 7th

From the beginning the game was in doubt…

possible game start times…whether Saturday or Sunday,,,whether we had a full squad…Garvin the latest to steal a spot, as his abilities are so brilliant…on Saturday morning, the Pres. Of the MCA (Garvin) suddenly remembered that he had a League meeting starting near game time, and chose the meeting over the match…leaving a late call to Rene and Stumpy to fill the role….Stumps as well is expected at the MCA meeting, but with Rene unable, it fell to the Stumpy  to come to the gap, and join fellow Heavyweight Farmer John to fill the need. The emails were flying fast and furious, until Capt. Dave settled on the final 6. Every decision following continued to show preparation and cunning.

On arrival at the Gym, while showing Farmer Bayney the new ‘heavy’ tennis type balls, one fell, and like a rabbit Bayney sought the ball with such force, he tripped over the painted blue line, hit the floor, and came up lame.

Sid and lame Bayn batted first, and Sid was in fine form, with the pair reaching a spectacular 58, with lame Bayn in with 4, and Sid with more. Stumpy and Capt. Hakes batted second, and while Hakes blocked and swatted with some success, Stumpy was able to get on top, with a nice last over, well cheered by the team, 38 valuable runs were added- Stumpy 16, Hakes 16?, Anil and Martin nurdled it around, and took advantage when they can, leaving the team with 130 up.

Again, much discussion between the heavyweights as to who will keep and who will bowl, stats be damned; All – Rounder (d) Stumpy was pressed into reliving the past, and taking the tools of ignorance protected the wicket.

During the moments as the opposition was preparing to bat, there was some magic from Anil in the gym during a brief practise, as Stumpy was replacing the off stump, Anil bowled a direct hit on the same stump, which caused a miraculous stump disappearance! A you tube moment for sure, but unfortunately no one was filming.

The chase never caught the runrate. After the first pair, the chase was 8 runs behind. The second pair was crucial, and the Tavs limited the pair to about 30. With lame Bayn adopting a fabulous line and length, complete with a little air that gave the batsmen fits (cue the Plunderer). He bowled 3 of the six overs, and gave only 14, for 1. The last pair needed 50 odd, and with Sid and Anil keeping the run rate down, and Martin making the ball turn and dance, we captured the batsmen with 2 – LBWs, and some EXCELLENT fielding at the end wall by MARTIN, backed up by Anil and Sid, we got 2 timely runouts, and great fielding…even David stopped a couple of hard shots at short cover. With one over to play, they needed 9 to win, with one ball left, they needed 6 to win! An impossible situation, and one that was so well bowled by Anil and Sid at the death…Obviously there were some fabulous field placements, the Captain showing the way to victory!

Thanks to Andrew for cheering us on to a well deserved win…It would seem we have qualified for another match.

Player selection is bound to be difficult.

Some discussion at the bar, regarding the return of the indoor Captain from his training in Sri Lanka. Only time will tell as to what will be the criteria for selection.

So we don’t know what happened with the intrigue at the 2nd league meeting, but I can tell you it was way more fun playing cricket!

Stumpy J

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