July 27,2016 Outdoor game report

Match report Taverners vs Crescent CC


A beautiful evening saw us assemble to play Crescent  (a first division team with six provincial players and tied for first place).Taverner’s had a team stacked with batting talent to the end. Opposition sent in to bat, the first two overs were okay.The opening bowlers Sid and Sudarshan then found their rhythm limiting runs in each of their next two overs. Around 37 after six overs. An LBW decision for Sudarshan brought in Abdul, a young player who has matured tremendously with the bat. Played very patiently with a good array of shots holding his bat to the end. A surprise duo of Vasu and Andrew were brought into the attack, the batsmen had some fun. Anil & Ossie came in to steady the run rate. Ossie seemed unplayable at times. Had Chris fall over twice in an attempted stumping of the batsman. Daniel was given a spell, not having seen him bowl before, he was quite accurate from the start. They lost about five wickets in their 147 total. Sid and Anil opened the batting and made their intent quite clear from the start, scoring 64 in the first five overs. They went on to around 87 before Sid was run out. Sudarshan made a brief appearance, on the loss of Anil, Taverners Were approximately 110 after twelve overs. Vasu and Captain Hein knocked the ball around for one’s and two’s taking very few chances. The game was won in the 17th over.    Once again we were treated to an outstanding meal. Lamb Curry (to appease my brethren from the South American Republic of  Guyana), with rice, lentils and Nan. The lamb was donated by Andrew. A healthy supply of beer, El Dorado 12 year old, XM 15 year old and Glen Levitt 12 year old were heartily consumed on Anil’s relatively new deck. Care to ensure the cushions were not soiled or the wrath of Marnie would befell the culprit. Unfortunately Chomo would be out of action for a while. His call up to the Canadian Volleyball Olympic team was short lived after sustaining a knee injury tripping over the painted line on the way to the court for his first practice. A decision was made to extend our season by one week due to rained out games. On 17/Aug we will play “Eagles” I think. Most likely a 15 over format. Due to construction at Martin’s place along with a previously planned visit to England, the Larry Unrau golf challenge will be played later than usual, details are still being worked out. Will keep you posted. The Bar-B-Q will be held at Chris Emery’s on Friday 9/Sept. The usual invite and contribution list will follow in a couple of weeks.           

Crescent batting first made 147 runs

Taverner’s bowling

S Roberts               4 overs             23 runs

Sudarshan           4 overs             26 runs           01 wicket

Vasu                       2 overs            20 runs

Anil                        4 overs             31runs             01 wicket

Andrew                 3 overs              24 runs

Ossie                    2 overs              13 runs

Danial                   1 over                 08 runs           01 wicket

Taverner’s batting

S Roberts       35 runs

Anil                 43 runs

Vasu               19 runs

Sudarshan      05 runs

H peters          17 runs



Karl Jaikaransingh

July 20,2016 Outdoor game report

Match report Taverners vs Winnipeg Juniors

A team led by David Hakes who once again lost the toss.Roster appeared to be stocked with a large compliment of bowlers promising a deadly attack. One of these said “attack bowlers” chose to don the wicket keeping pads, Anil feared no worse than previous occupants of the position.It was pointed out that with the humidex which felt like 42C there was the pulling of straws for wicket keeping & first slip position…….where Sid resided dropping a catch that I swore went between his legs. Chomo was hit all over the park in his first, then second over.In his third rewarded with a wicket and was promptly replaced.The other opening bowler Sudarshan was quick an accurate, batsmen could not pick him up.Many catches went unrewarded, a few taken. Pick of the bowlers would be Rene Fitzpatrick.Some outstanding seam bowling. Got two wickets I believe.The star of the contest was the weather. Started the game with clouds rolling in, lightening strikes sued getting overhead eventually, combined with failing light.A decision was made to halt the game after 17 overs, maybe getting back into it after a short break.      After a five minute delay the light decreased significantly resulting in the game being called.We retreated to Chomo’s where the after game was hosted by Keith James.Euro 2016 winnings were presented to yours’ truly and a round provided.After a 20 minute period the basement was a place of shelter as heavy rains and extremely high winds prevailed. The hydro was interrupted causing some members to shriek like little girls in the dark. There was hanky panky accompanying the loss of power along with screams in the dark reminding me of a novel of the same name by Ramatool Upaboy.The candle light dinner was absolutely fantastic, prepared by the wily hands of Chomo.Salad, rice, lentils and three types of curried chicken. Options for vegetarians were available.A very good night of commraderie. 

 Just a note, it has been decided any member who plays for the amalgamated team which visitsMinneapolis will be provided with a $50 to assist with registration and a meal from the Social Fund.Please let me know who will be making the trip so arrangements can be made for the funds.

Winnipeg Juniors batting first got 110 runs in 17 overs

Taverner’s bowling

Chomo           3 overs              29 runs        01 wicket

Sudarshan     3 overs              11 runs

Rene              3 overs              22 runs        01 wicket

Alli                  3 overs             12 runs

David             3 overs              22 runs

Sid                 2 overs              13 runs         01 wicket


Karl Jaikaransingh

July 08,2016 Grumpy Golf Invitational

The day turned out beautiful once again. We assembled at Carman Golf Couse at the appropriate time for a day of golf and comradery. There were six guests and twelve members.The day was won by Keith James, carding two wins on the trophy. Here are the results;

1)      Keith James                        70 (91)

2)      Karran Bayney                   71 (81)

3)      Chomo Vanderwert        72 (101)

4)      Rudy Khan                          73 (127)

5)      Shalin                                    74 (126)

6)      Chris Emery                        75 (104)

7)      Rizli Vanderwert               75 (97)

8)      Karl Jaikaransingh            75 (94) 

9)      Ray Kohanik                       76 (107)

10)   Dieter                                   76 (106)

11)   Kris Ramchandar              77 (85)

12)   Nigel Wilcox                       77 (98)

13)   Omar Maharaj                   78 (100)

14)   Andrew Amsden              78 (89)

15)   Rene Fitzpatrick                78 (127)

16)   David Hakes                       79 (104)

17)   George                                 83 (125)

18)   Vasu Shah                           84 (122)

Closest to the Pin hole #8 Karl J. Hole #16 David H.

Longest Drive Hole #4 Omar Maharaj Hole # 11 Karran Bayney.

(These trophies donated by Kris Ramchandar).

Karran & Kelsey as usual did an excellent job in hosting this event. Despite the hiccup with the beer & pop purchase (which I take full responsibility for)Kelsey saved the day with a last minute purchase. Bar-B-Q chicken, oven baked pork shoulder, garlic bread, cold slaw & potato salad were well received. Libations of beer, wine, rum and pop were present at the function.Emery was treated to a special “basement” rum tasting.   We were joined by Ossie & Tina Bell along with Dieter’s wife at the after event Strawberries were provide by both the host and the Bell’s.Thanks to all who participated. All players left with a prize of some sort. Special thanks to the “Bayney’s” for their ongoing commitment in hosting and preparing for this event.


Karl Jaikaransingh

July 06, 2016 Bragging Bat #16

Match report Taverner’s vs Cosmos CC

Bragging Bat #16 was a well contested match with an exciting finish that saw Cosmos retaining the bat with a win by 2 wickets. Taverners batted first and scored 83 runs in 20 overs for 6 wickets. The chase was challenging with wickets falling often without a significant partnership. Vandit held his ground and was eventually paired with similar minded Gurwinder and they saw the match to a victorious end.

In the picture the captains of Bragging Bat #16, Hein and Maninder, with the famous bat at the post game BBQ.

Congratulations both teams on an exciting match. Match #17 will be played indoors early 2017.

Image may contain: 2 people , people smiling

Bragging Bat #16 – Cosmos vs Taverners – July 6, 2016

The Bragging Bat is a semi-perennial competition between Cosmos and Taverners and started in 2009. Each year we play 2 matches, 1 indoor and 1 outdoor. The winner of each match is permanently recorded on ‘The Bragging Bat’.

Maninder Toor – Captain
Monty Sharma
Shalin Patel
Srivats Vijayan
Bibin Babu
Vandit Shah
Stu Parsons
Maryo John
Gurvinder Sidhu
Vâïbhäv Pâtêl
Ritesh Patel

Hein Peters
Sid Roberts
Vasu Shah
Andrew Amsden
Anil Kaul
David Hakes
Rene Fitzpatrick
Chomo Vanderwert
Nigel Wilcox
Chris Emery
Keith James

The Bragging Bat Record to Date:

#1 – February 18, 2009 – Cosmos
#2 – August 12, 2009 – Taverners
#3 – February 24, 2010 – Cosmos
#4 – June 30, 2010 – Cosmos
#5 – February 16, 2011 – Taverners
#6 – July 6, 2011 – Cosmos
#7 – Mar 22, 2012 – Taverners
#8 – June 27, 2012 – Taverners
#9 – April 3, 2013 – Taverners
#10 – June 19, 2013 – Cosmos
#11 – March 19, 2014 – Cosmos
#12 – June 25, 2014 – Taverners
#13 – April 1, 2015 – Cosmos
#14 – June 24, 2015 – Cosmos
#15 – April 16, 2016 – Cosmos
#16 – July 6, 2016 – TBD

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