July 08,2016 Grumpy Golf Invitational

The day turned out beautiful once again. We assembled at Carman Golf Couse at the appropriate time for a day of golf and comradery. There were six guests and twelve members.The day was won by Keith James, carding two wins on the trophy. Here are the results;

1)      Keith James                        70 (91)

2)      Karran Bayney                   71 (81)

3)      Chomo Vanderwert        72 (101)

4)      Rudy Khan                          73 (127)

5)      Shalin                                    74 (126)

6)      Chris Emery                        75 (104)

7)      Rizli Vanderwert               75 (97)

8)      Karl Jaikaransingh            75 (94) 

9)      Ray Kohanik                       76 (107)

10)   Dieter                                   76 (106)

11)   Kris Ramchandar              77 (85)

12)   Nigel Wilcox                       77 (98)

13)   Omar Maharaj                   78 (100)

14)   Andrew Amsden              78 (89)

15)   Rene Fitzpatrick                78 (127)

16)   David Hakes                       79 (104)

17)   George                                 83 (125)

18)   Vasu Shah                           84 (122)

Closest to the Pin hole #8 Karl J. Hole #16 David H.

Longest Drive Hole #4 Omar Maharaj Hole # 11 Karran Bayney.

(These trophies donated by Kris Ramchandar).

Karran & Kelsey as usual did an excellent job in hosting this event. Despite the hiccup with the beer & pop purchase (which I take full responsibility for)Kelsey saved the day with a last minute purchase. Bar-B-Q chicken, oven baked pork shoulder, garlic bread, cold slaw & potato salad were well received. Libations of beer, wine, rum and pop were present at the function.Emery was treated to a special “basement” rum tasting.   We were joined by Ossie & Tina Bell along with Dieter’s wife at the after event Strawberries were provide by both the host and the Bell’s.Thanks to all who participated. All players left with a prize of some sort. Special thanks to the “Bayney’s” for their ongoing commitment in hosting and preparing for this event.


Karl Jaikaransingh

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