July 20,2016 Outdoor game report

Match report Taverners vs Winnipeg Juniors

A team led by David Hakes who once again lost the toss.Roster appeared to be stocked with a large compliment of bowlers promising a deadly attack. One of these said “attack bowlers” chose to don the wicket keeping pads, Anil feared no worse than previous occupants of the position.It was pointed out that with the humidex which felt like 42C there was the pulling of straws for wicket keeping & first slip position…….where Sid resided dropping a catch that I swore went between his legs. Chomo was hit all over the park in his first, then second over.In his third rewarded with a wicket and was promptly replaced.The other opening bowler Sudarshan was quick an accurate, batsmen could not pick him up.Many catches went unrewarded, a few taken. Pick of the bowlers would be Rene Fitzpatrick.Some outstanding seam bowling. Got two wickets I believe.The star of the contest was the weather. Started the game with clouds rolling in, lightening strikes sued getting overhead eventually, combined with failing light.A decision was made to halt the game after 17 overs, maybe getting back into it after a short break.      After a five minute delay the light decreased significantly resulting in the game being called.We retreated to Chomo’s where the after game was hosted by Keith James.Euro 2016 winnings were presented to yours’ truly and a round provided.After a 20 minute period the basement was a place of shelter as heavy rains and extremely high winds prevailed. The hydro was interrupted causing some members to shriek like little girls in the dark. There was hanky panky accompanying the loss of power along with screams in the dark reminding me of a novel of the same name by Ramatool Upaboy.The candle light dinner was absolutely fantastic, prepared by the wily hands of Chomo.Salad, rice, lentils and three types of curried chicken. Options for vegetarians were available.A very good night of commraderie. 

 Just a note, it has been decided any member who plays for the amalgamated team which visitsMinneapolis will be provided with a $50 to assist with registration and a meal from the Social Fund.Please let me know who will be making the trip so arrangements can be made for the funds.

Winnipeg Juniors batting first got 110 runs in 17 overs

Taverner’s bowling

Chomo           3 overs              29 runs        01 wicket

Sudarshan     3 overs              11 runs

Rene              3 overs              22 runs        01 wicket

Alli                  3 overs             12 runs

David             3 overs              22 runs

Sid                 2 overs              13 runs         01 wicket


Karl Jaikaransingh

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