Aug 10,2016 Outdoor game report

Match report Taverners vs Crescent


 The cricket ground at Assiniboia Park was bathe in sunlight on a delightful evening.As usual Taverners assembled at the appointed time with the opposition (one of the crescent teams)sauntering into the park on their own time resulting in a very late start.Taverners are very experienced in the situation related to fading light at this time of the year.Our suggestion of reducing the number of overs was met with objection from the opposition initially.We held, reducing to 16 overs with bowling from one end only. The opposition chose to bat.We must have lost the toss once again. Unable to comment on bowling as the writer did not get to the park until 12 overs were already bowled. I saw batsmen going after the bowling at that stage.Informed by a whisper, “never thought I would witness the day David dropped every catch and Keith catch everyone in his area”. Crescent amassed 146 in their inning.Taverners openers were late in getting to the crease. I was duly informed Andrew was scheduled to open the inning, withdrew due to ……………. Imdad and Sid took the field. Their opening bowler was very quick.One beamer, two wides, two full tosses, struck for about 14 in the over. After two legal balls the score was 10.Very good start, the second over was a bit more placid, still a good run rate. Then came the third over.From there on there was a steady procession of batsmen back to the pavilion. In between some beautifully struck balls.The unexplainable, a full toss to Sid, this umpire was raising his hand for a no ball as it looked like a beamer.Sid’s eyes grew as wide as mandarins as he took evasive action falling backwards. The slower ball must have dipped about four feet within a two foot distance striking the wicket about six inches below the bails.We gathered at Rene’s for fine dining of chicken curry ( lemon style), curried chick peas, rice and Nan bread.This was paired with Heinekens, producing mouth enticing flavours

Crescent batting first scored 146 runs in 16 overs.

Taverner’s bowling

Sudarshan        3 overs        32 runs

Sid                   2 overs        14 runs         for 01 wicket

Rene                3 overs        23 runs        for 01 wicket

Anil                 3 overs        18 runs

David              2 overs         20runs

Karran             3 overs        39 runs

Taverner’s batting

Alli                caught for 07 runs

Sid                 bowled for 34 runs

Andrew          bowled for 04 runs

Sudarshan      caught for 03 runs

Rene              bowled for 04 runs

Anil               bowled for 09 runs

David            caught for 05 runs

Chris             stumped for 16 runs

Keith J          Run out for 05 runs

Hein              not out for 01 run

Karran          bowled for 01 run


Karl Jaikaransingh

Aug 03,2016 Outdoor game report

Match report Taverners vs Cosmos XI

We assembled in the Park at the appointed time overly optimistic that the weather would co-operate.Forecast of doom & gloom with high winds, extreme rainfall accompanied by large hail, with the likelihood of tornadoes. Captain Hein made the decision to have the matting laid for what we could get out of the night. On winning the toss Taverners chose to bat. The opening pair of Sid & Alli started very cautiously against a very youngCosmos team scoring 11 after 3 overs. Slowly starting acceleration before the loss of Sid whose leg stump went missing   in the sixth over with around 34 runs in the books. This brought Daniel in the wicket, after a slow start stuck our first boundary. The writer was impressed with these young bowlers who kept it quite tight. Pleasant to see young bowlers change their action not because of a whim, but with a plan of execution. The fielding was very good by the opposition. Unfortunately the conditions kept deteriorating by the minute losing light very quickly as a result of the in creased heavy cloud cover. At the end of 10 overs with a score of 62 for 1, a nearby lightning strike convinced the umpires to call the game. A heavy drizzle ensued shortly after, finally developing high winds, a spectacular lightning show and heavy rains. We retreated to our after game event by just after 7.00 p.m. enjoyed some sustenance and libations.       

Taverner’s batting first

I Alli  not out 25 runs

S Roberts Bowled for 04 runs

D Bispham not out 08 runs

Trusting next week we can get a full game in.

Signing off for now.    

Karl Jaikaransingh