Aug 03,2016 Outdoor game report

Match report Taverners vs Cosmos XI

We assembled in the Park at the appointed time overly optimistic that the weather would co-operate.Forecast of doom & gloom with high winds, extreme rainfall accompanied by large hail, with the likelihood of tornadoes. Captain Hein made the decision to have the matting laid for what we could get out of the night. On winning the toss Taverners chose to bat. The opening pair of Sid & Alli started very cautiously against a very youngCosmos team scoring 11 after 3 overs. Slowly starting acceleration before the loss of Sid whose leg stump went missing   in the sixth over with around 34 runs in the books. This brought Daniel in the wicket, after a slow start stuck our first boundary. The writer was impressed with these young bowlers who kept it quite tight. Pleasant to see young bowlers change their action not because of a whim, but with a plan of execution. The fielding was very good by the opposition. Unfortunately the conditions kept deteriorating by the minute losing light very quickly as a result of the in creased heavy cloud cover. At the end of 10 overs with a score of 62 for 1, a nearby lightning strike convinced the umpires to call the game. A heavy drizzle ensued shortly after, finally developing high winds, a spectacular lightning show and heavy rains. We retreated to our after game event by just after 7.00 p.m. enjoyed some sustenance and libations.       

Taverner’s batting first

I Alli  not out 25 runs

S Roberts Bowled for 04 runs

D Bispham not out 08 runs

Trusting next week we can get a full game in.

Signing off for now.    

Karl Jaikaransingh


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