Feb 26, 2017 Indoor Game report VS Five Rivers

Match report


the appointed Taverners arrived to play 5 rivers, with no expectations…Capt.Hakesy wins the toss and elects to bat…things going well for Capt Hakes at this point.

Sending the fearless Sid to swing mightily and connected more times than not. With wides and some help from Chris, the pair made 65 runs…including wides… (Sid 57 runs and Chris 0 runs)
then Mark led David to a nice supporting score of  47 runs including wides(Mark 34 runs and David 8 runs), with the after thoughts Shadow Alli, with k. james. With Alli making his mark well, the timely switch and safe wickets,…(Ali 36 runs and K.James 5 runs) the twosome rounding the score to 160 for Tavs….

The opening pair was hard hitting in response, but Sid, Hakes, Mark and Alli were able to keep the first pair to a workmanlike 45 or so.To start the second set of batsman, stumps had to bowl, with a somewhat unorthodox beginning of 5 wides, found his length, and kept the over to an eventful 9 for 1. The next over to Mark, who  bowled well, with a catch at long on by stumpy. Then the dreaded 2nd over from Stumpy, who had adeptly kept his line, and finished 2 overs 21 for 3., including wickets on the last two balls of the over. Such was the onslaught for spin, the batsmen were out of sorts, and made another few, leaving the last pair an impossible  80 or so to win. The bowling and fielding by all was too tight, with  catches taken including Stumpy (3) Sid (2), with good stops by even one.
5 Rivers scored a total of 123 runs.

Keith J — 2 overs  21 runs for 3 wickets

David   — 4 overs 30 runs for 3 wickets

Alli       — 4 overs 32 runs for 1 wicket

Mark    — 4 overs 37 runs for 3 wickets

Sid       — 4 overs 38 runs for 2 wickets

Although the game was in hand, Capt Hakes refused to take a chance and give the final over to go to Stumpy…bowling himself instead, and getting a wicket first ball!.
The known farmer umpire bayney was last seen pleading to see more of the ‘plundering’ donkey drop offspin. It was not to be. Hakes obviously keeping his advantage in the holster to fight another day.
The beer was cold. Topics included surgery, fish, fusing things, tennis, soccer, New Zealand, poker nights…etc.

Feb 11, 2017 Indoor Game report VS Bengal Tigers

Match report
An interesting beginning to the game as the 4 players, yes 4 players delayed the start requesting umpire Dan to measure and remeasure the creases…( if he could find them )
So we start with 4 against a strong Bengal team..the keeper drops the first ball..we escape with only 8 of the over…finally the cavalry arrives in the form of Mr Emery straight from his surgery and we borrow a youngster from the MCA.
They batted well scoring an impressive 163…not much to report about the bowling and usual Taverner fielding…
In reply Sid / Chris gave us 49, Anil and youngster 45 , leaving David and Nigel 71 to chase down…which they didn’t..we lost by a few
A small gathering at the Cambridge as some players added to their woes by going to the Jet game

Practice at the Fox this week…usual time
See you then