May 24, 2017 Outdoor Game report VS Lions

Match Report

Taverners Vs. Lions

May 24 2017

This was Taverners 1st game of the outdoor season, which soon became apparent when Taverners batted 1st.

There was much swishing of the bat but little connection by the openers Sid & Imdad. Sid was soon put out his misery being bowled by Belal for 0

Hein joined Imdad but the scoring did not pick up much pace. Imdad went next for 9 LBW to Belal followed soon after by Hein for 3 bowled by Belal.

This brought Garvin to the wicket & he tried something completely different, he hit the ball often to the boundary, eventually being caught going for the boundary for 37.

His partners were not as successful. Philip, visiting from the wet coast, seemed more interested in loosening up his shoulders for golf ignoring the ball, until he was bowled for 0. Daniel made contact but couldn’t get the ball through the field eventually out for 2. David was next in & picked up on Garvin’s idea until he was unfortunate to be run out when Garvin drove a ball straight the bowler who quickly broke the wicket leaving David stranded with 18.

The final batsmen hardly troubled the scorers until Taveners were all out for 89 thanks to 10 wides.

Lions did not start any better than Taverners losing both openers LBW to Sid & Sudarshan for 0 & 4. The next 2 batsmen in had obviously been watching Garvin & scored quite freely until they both retired for 41 & 34 leaving the next 2 players in to clean off the rest.

The result a Taverner loss by 8 wickets.

Most of the squad retired to Karl’s for beer & doubles cooked by Anne in our honour.

I suppose all the effort in scoring runs laid the team to waste as the evening wrapped up quite early. Another strange thing for the evening was the fact that there was more money in the pot at the end than beers drunk.

One thought on “May 24, 2017 Outdoor Game report VS Lions

  1. Congratulations gentlemen on a fine defeat to start the season.Sorry couldn’t be there
    At least the money pot won

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