June 14, 2017 Outdoor Game report VS Sheer E Maples CC

Match Report

Taverners Vs Sheer E Maples

June 14 2017

Despite an earlier downpour & the ominous grey clouds The Sher E Maples side were at the park early & ready to go. Taverners conscripted Rene ready for his final game before heading to Toronto to take the toss which he won & elected for Taverners to bat. It was decided that all the overs would come from 1 end to save time.

Taverners opened with Sid & Hein & they started with caution with only 3 coming off the 1st 2 overs & Hein being bowled for 0. Anil joined Sid & the runs started to come at a brisk pace until Anil was stumped for 16 Rene joined Sid but lack of playing time showed until he was caught for 4. Sid was joined by Nigel & the runs came at a brisker pace, when Sid looked to be caught on the boundary 1 handed but the fielder sportingly stated that he had stepped over the boundary. Sid was finally bowled for 34. Nigel continued with Alli until he was caught for 13. This was the end of Taverners scoring with Garvin adding 2 Andrew 3 & Sudarshan 2 & Alli not out 22. Taverners final total after 20 overs 113.

Maples started briskly scoring easily from Sudarshan & a little more slowly from Sid scoring 28 until Sid had the opener caught at the wicket for 14. The next pair continued the scoring until Garvin had #3 stumped for 12 & Andrew, after promising “no wides” eventually bowled a straight one & had the opener bowled for 32.

At this point the rains came heavily & the covers were hauled out & with the thunder it looked like the end of the day. But the rain stopped & the umpires decided that it was OK to resume although the mat was a little wet.

Maples with some suicide running & Taverners with some inept fielding brought the game to a point with a new batsman at the wicket 5 runs needed & 4 balls left Sid bowled a wide & the next ball was driven high for a 6 & the game. Taverners lose by 4 wickets

The post game gathering was at Daniel’s where his wife had prepared a fine array of snacks & a hot dish of Chicken curry. But it was a poor turnout from the Taverner players again, with only 6 players including Daniel in attendance. This was very disappointing considering that it was Rene’s last game before he moves to a new life in Toronto. The Prez. made a presentation & Rene responded with an emotional farewell speech likening Taverners to family.

Those of us who made the effort were more than satisfied with the quality & the quantity of the food & the conversations around the bar into the evening.

On the drive home I pondered the idea that this whole Taverner post game get together had passed its glory days & that maybe we should just retire to some local bar afterwards as we do for the winter games, because it seems that we get as many players after a 6 a side game at the post game meetings as we do after an 11 a side game. This would free up potential hosts & save them money that they use to supply food. But it would also mean that no funds would be generated from the beer sales except to the bar owner.

An alternative would be to charge each player $10 post game fee for which they would receive 2 drinks & if they choose to go home the social fund would be that much richer.


One thought on “June 14, 2017 Outdoor Game report VS Sheer E Maples CC

  1. Great report. I do believe Sid was hoyked to cow corner for the six. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get to Daniel’s home for the post game conference but all the best to Rene and maybe we may see find a team like the Taverners in Toronto

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