June 28, 2017 Outdoor Game report VS Cosmos – Bragging Bat #18

Match Report

Winnipeg vs. Cosmos

Bragging Bat #18

June 28 2017

Another Wednesday weather forecast for the day being the worst of the week, except of course the weekend. Arrive at the Park under grey cloudy skies. Much discussion about restricting the overs etc. but decided to play the game at 20 overs & hope the light holds up. No toss. Ray orders his players to field 1st. Game underway by 6:00 with the sun making a hazy appearance.

Taverner openers Hein & Sudarshan weather the opening quick attack then start to score a little more freely from the spinners putting on 32 until Su is bowled by Saif for 17. He is replaced by Garvin who is quickly dispatched C & B by Saif for 0. Nigel joined Hein & between them they added 50 for next wicket aided by a number of dropped catches some easy & 1 unlucky when Ricky almost held a diving catch only to have it jarred loose when he hit the ground.

Nigel was eventually out caught by Monty off of Saif for 17. Next in Andrew only stayed briefly before being trapped LBW again by Saif for 0. Next in was a ringer claiming to be Karran, Shri, he & Hein added some runs before Hein was C & B by Ricky for 47. Anil joined Shri & with a few unorthodox shots added 7 before being run out. Leaving Shri to face a couple of balls with David before being given out obstructing the field for 11.

Taverners score at the end of 20 overs 108 according to the score book but the numbers there add up to 112.

Bowling performance of the innings, Saif 4 for 21 from 4 overs

By the time of the break the sun has been out for a while & the evening was perfect for cricket.

When Cosmos started their innings it was decided to alternate ends after 5 overs to save time

Captain Kevin & Monty open the innings against David & Sudarshan with David being the more economical eventually getting Kevin bowled for 9. Monty is joined by Suresh who lasts an over or so before being stumped by Chris off Anil. Ramya joins Monty & plays a minor role in adding 28 before being caught off Andrew for 5. Ricky is next out, run out for 0. Ikram joins Monty & they push the score to 90 before Shri has Monty stumped for 54 bettering his previous best of 8.

Next out is Ikram caught out from Garvin for 12.

At this point Cosmos need 12 runs from 2 overs for the win.

The Cosmos tail try some suicidal running but are defeated by the wily field placing by Taverners. Cosmos end up 2 short at the end thanks to 2 more run outs & another stumping.

Bowling David 1-7, Anil 1-22, Andrew 1-30, Shri 2-16, Garvin 1- 16.

A great game played down to the wire with the game that could have gone either way. Cricket at its best

The Post game was as usual at Nigel’s with the BBQ busy with burgers & hot dogs. A great attendance by both teams with the presentation of the Bragging Bat & speeches by both captains. Hein expressed his pleasure at pointing out that it was usually Taverners that dropped all the catches not the opposition.

Just as the evening was winding down Anil arrived from a meeting. Fortunately there were only a couple of beers left or we may have been there all night.

Karran was selected as Man of the Match for standing down

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