July 26, 2017 Outdoor Game report VS Royal Tuskers

Match Report

Taverners Vs. Royal Tuskers

Wednesday July 26

For the 1st time in a while Wednesday was a sunny dry warm day all day & it stayed that way for the evening.

The Tuskers were there in full force well before the start time & won the toss & decided to bat. Taverners were a little tardy taking the field as Anil & Daniel had arrived minus their shoes & had to return home to collect them. Some tight bowling from Sid & Karran & a magnificent one handed catch in the slips by Ossie had the Tuskers 38 for 3 after 8 overs. Next Sudarshan & Nigel took 3 wickets in their spells but the #5 batsman seemed quite comfortable scoring 35 before the skipper unleashed his secret weapon, Ossie, who in his 3 overs had 3 wickets in his 2nd over including the run scorer, out bowled, with 2 of the wickets from consecutive balls & 1 more wicket in his next over to wrap up the innings at 95.

Bowling Sid 2 – 12, Karran 1 – 23, Sudarshan 2 -16, Nigel 1 – 15, & Ossie 4 -17.

Taverners opened with Anil & Sid with Anil scoring quite freely but Sid striking the ball hard usually straight to a fielder eventually being bowled for 1. Anil was joined by Hein & they took the score to 44 before Anil was bowled for 18. Garvin joined the skipper for a brief moment, out bowled for zero. The skipper & Imdad then pushed the score along until Hein was bowled for 28, 59 for 4. At this point the scorebook is a little confusing as the batsmen in & the score at the fall of wickets just doesn’t add up. I am going to assume that Nigel joined Imdad & took the score to 74 for 5 with Imdad out caught for13. Chris was next out run out for 2, 78 for 6 with 3 overs left. Sudarshan & Nigel attempted to wrap the game up but a near certain 4 from Sudarshan was stopped by Nigel’s head, a good job he was wearing a helmet. With Tuskers appealing for almost every ball sometimes for a catch behind where the bat missed the ball by feet rather than inches Taverners fell short by 4 runs with Nigel not out 12 & Sudarshan not out 3. Taverners missed a tie due to Nigel’s heading ability.

Post game activities were at Anil’s & it was a good job he had some beer available as I was trapped in the park with the beer 1st by the Tuskers wanting to photograph the score sheet which then had me trapped by the ballet crowd trying to get out of the park.

Anil produced the food after spending many minutes slaving over a hot phone.

The evening ended with just 4 of us in a philosophical discussion about how the MCA were not doing such a good job in the area of junior cricket & encouraging the next generation of cricketers

View from the middle:- When Taveners are fielding 2nd there are constant requests to the umpires to get the score board updated, but when Taveners are batting 2nd despite there being a dozen or more members available, the scoreboard remains unattended for 5 to 10 overs.

Batsmen play shots at balls that are totally of the wrong kind, bowlers bowl a series of wides & very little is said, but if the Umpire makes what looks to some to be a wrong decision the glares & comments go on & on.

Please remember we are not “qualified” umpires nor do we get paid by either team. Plus I have to pay for my own beer.

July 21, 2017 Taverner’s Grumpy Challenge golf tournament.

Another fantastic day where 25 golfers assembled for the event. 

Once again Karran & Kelsey were excellent at hosting, adding ice cream & strawberries to the menu.  

Generous servings of food and libations.

Enough prizes were generated thanks to Chris Emery, Philip Munro-Smith, Karran Bayney, 

Keith James, Nigel Wilcox, Mark Anderson, Garvin Bhuddo and Karl J. 


Here are the results;


Player                                                                                   Net Score                            (Gross Score)

Karran Bayney                                                                          72                                               (78)

Chris Emery                                                                              73                                               (96)

Reaz Ali                                                                                      73                                               (96)

Mark Anderson                                                                        74                                               (80)

Andrew Amsden                                                                      74                                                (89)

George                                                                                       75                                                 (101)

Dieter                                                                                        75                                                  (94)

Keith James                                                                             75                                                  (94)

Nick Jones                                                                               76                                                  (106)

Omar Maharaj                                                                         76                                                 (84)

Chomo Vanderwert                                                                76                                                 (108)

Rezley Vanderwert                                                                 76                                                (108)

Larry Hart                                                                                78                                                (102)

Karl Jaikaransingh                                                                 78                                               (100)

Nigel Wilcox                                                                             79                                               (101)

David Hakes                                                                            80                                               (110)

Joe Marrast                                                                             81                                                (115)

Joe Sylvester                                                                           81                                                (125)

Philip Munro-Smith                                                             84                                                 (103)

Daniel Bispham                                                                     85                                                 (119)

Ray Ramrattan                                                                       86                                                 (99)

Sudarshan                                                                               89                                                 (137)

Maryo John                                                                             89                                                 (137)

Shalin Patel                                                                             89                                                 (137)      


Trust everyone had a good time. 


Karl J. 


July 19, 2017 Outdoor Game report VS Eagles

Match Report

Taverners Vs. Eagles

July 19 2017

Another Wednesday with rain early & forecast for the day but by game time the sun was out & the weather again perfect for cricket.

Eagles won the toss & elected to bat & after losing their 1st wicket looked as though they were on the way to a big total. This was aided by a number of dropped or missed catches & too many wides. There were many strange instances usually seen once a year but they were all happening in this game. One batsman chopped the ball down into the ground & it bounced high into the air & came down right onto the top of the bails. Another incident we had both batsmen at the bowlers end & the throw to the wicket keeper evaded him & Chris had to run down the wicket to retrieve it & was able to beat the batsman back & run him out. Sudarshan came of age as a Taverner going down to field a ball on the boundary & watching it run through his legs for 4. These & many other similar items made the game look like a compilation of cricket bloopers.

Despite this Eagles only managed to score 145 for 6 from their 20 overs.

Taverners opened with Sudarshan & last weeks abandoned batsman Keith. After a couple of overs Sudarshan went out caught for 1. Keith was joined by Andrew & they took the score to 54 before Keith was out caught behind for 27. Anil was next in but soon departed for 6. Imdad joined Andrew & they took the score to 110 before Andrew was bowled for 28. Mark joined Imdad but only added 3 before he was out caught. This brought Nigel to the wicket & the 2 lefties added a dozen before Imdad was out LBW for 39. During this partnership the ball was skied to the wicket keeper who managed to drop a sitter & the 2 batsman managed to run 2 with a lot of confusion. From there on there was a procession of batsman coming to the crease & swiftly returning leaving Nigel Not Out 10 & Taverners short by 13.

The post game activities were at Nigel’s where Hot Dogs & Chips were on offer, although I was forced into inventing a Dog Burger when the Hot Dog buns ran out.

After comedic efforts during the game, the post game soiree was most uneventful. I suppose people were saving themselves for Friday’s big event.


July 12, 2017 Outdoor Game report VS AICC

Match Report

Wednesday July 12

Taverners Vs. AICC

Once again the cricket gods smiled on us, after a morning’s rain & cool cloudy windy weather all afternoon, by the time the mat was down the sun was out & apart from a short spell stayed out for the rest of the evening.

AICC batted 1st & after a slow start scored fairly easily until they were around 50 without loss, the openers were retired. The replacements continued with the scoring until Garvin had 1 batsman caught by Keith, Andy was run out & the #5 batsman was caught by Hein off of Andrew. The only other wicket to fall is noted as “hit wicket” but is was more trampled wicket bowled Imdad. Although it looked as though the scoring was quicker after 20 overs AICC had accumulated 144 runs.

None of the Taverner bowlers had figures that need to see the light of day.

Taverners batting for the evening did not come up to par with only Imdad reaching double figures at 30. Andrew & Garvin each had 8 & the rest were nowhere.

The innings closed when Karran decided not to bat, saving himself for a next morning golf game.

I dont understand his philosophy, in the golf game he will hit the ball some 80+ times, if he had gone in to bat he may have hit the ball once or twice hardly enough to wear him out for the morrow. Taverners ended with 70 after 11overs.

The post match soiree was at the Emery residence where we had a good turnout & we were served the good old “white mans food”, chips but for some reason some of the chips were black. I did notice that standing drinking beer & eating chips was not considered a detriment to a future golf game by Karran.

July 05, 2017 Outdoor Game report VS Crescent

Match Report

Wed July 5

Taverners Vs Crescent

Taverners, except of course Andrew, were all at the park with the mat down by 5:50 but the pavilion was not open & the key was with Ray who was AWOL. But he was not the only one, the whole of the Crescent team were also nowhere to be seen. Luckily a group of Under 19 team members were there to practice & the kindly consented to forego their practice & provide us with an opposition.

It had been for a change, a hot sunny day & it was a clear warm evening

This was the evening when Nigel’s dad was to come & watch the much vaunted Taverners in action

As the U19’s only had 9 they batted 1st.

Skipper Sid, fielding shoeless, held Nigel & Phil back from bowling until Mr Wilcox was in attendance.

Taverners used all 9 fit outfielders as bowlers, only “Bum Shoulder” David was spared. The batting side were mostly young & inexperienced so were quite slow in scoring but the bowlers made up for that as wides at 24 was the highest scorer.

At the end of the 20 overs the U19’s were 108 for 6

Taverners opened with the man of the evening, Nigel, & Phil but both succumbed quickly Phil for 4 & Nigel for 7

Sri & David then slowly but surely scored the required 109 with Sri hitting a 4 for the winning runs & his 50, David added 18. for a win by 8 wickets.

A complaint was registered against the absent Crescent, if the MCA imposes any penalty on Crescent I hope that all other clubs are notified so that they don’t adopt the same cavalier attitude.

The post game was at Sid’s but only 8 or 9 including umpires etc. were in attendance. A wonderful array of chips was the evenings offerings, plus Sid was insistent that we try a couple of is home brewed beers, both were excellent.

For his coming Wednesday it looks as though we are back in the monsoon weather system.