July 05, 2017 Outdoor Game report VS Crescent

Match Report

Wed July 5

Taverners Vs Crescent

Taverners, except of course Andrew, were all at the park with the mat down by 5:50 but the pavilion was not open & the key was with Ray who was AWOL. But he was not the only one, the whole of the Crescent team were also nowhere to be seen. Luckily a group of Under 19 team members were there to practice & the kindly consented to forego their practice & provide us with an opposition.

It had been for a change, a hot sunny day & it was a clear warm evening

This was the evening when Nigel’s dad was to come & watch the much vaunted Taverners in action

As the U19’s only had 9 they batted 1st.

Skipper Sid, fielding shoeless, held Nigel & Phil back from bowling until Mr Wilcox was in attendance.

Taverners used all 9 fit outfielders as bowlers, only “Bum Shoulder” David was spared. The batting side were mostly young & inexperienced so were quite slow in scoring but the bowlers made up for that as wides at 24 was the highest scorer.

At the end of the 20 overs the U19’s were 108 for 6

Taverners opened with the man of the evening, Nigel, & Phil but both succumbed quickly Phil for 4 & Nigel for 7

Sri & David then slowly but surely scored the required 109 with Sri hitting a 4 for the winning runs & his 50, David added 18. for a win by 8 wickets.

A complaint was registered against the absent Crescent, if the MCA imposes any penalty on Crescent I hope that all other clubs are notified so that they don’t adopt the same cavalier attitude.

The post game was at Sid’s but only 8 or 9 including umpires etc. were in attendance. A wonderful array of chips was the evenings offerings, plus Sid was insistent that we try a couple of is home brewed beers, both were excellent.

For his coming Wednesday it looks as though we are back in the monsoon weather system.

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