July 12, 2017 Outdoor Game report VS AICC

Match Report

Wednesday July 12

Taverners Vs. AICC

Once again the cricket gods smiled on us, after a morning’s rain & cool cloudy windy weather all afternoon, by the time the mat was down the sun was out & apart from a short spell stayed out for the rest of the evening.

AICC batted 1st & after a slow start scored fairly easily until they were around 50 without loss, the openers were retired. The replacements continued with the scoring until Garvin had 1 batsman caught by Keith, Andy was run out & the #5 batsman was caught by Hein off of Andrew. The only other wicket to fall is noted as “hit wicket” but is was more trampled wicket bowled Imdad. Although it looked as though the scoring was quicker after 20 overs AICC had accumulated 144 runs.

None of the Taverner bowlers had figures that need to see the light of day.

Taverners batting for the evening did not come up to par with only Imdad reaching double figures at 30. Andrew & Garvin each had 8 & the rest were nowhere.

The innings closed when Karran decided not to bat, saving himself for a next morning golf game.

I dont understand his philosophy, in the golf game he will hit the ball some 80+ times, if he had gone in to bat he may have hit the ball once or twice hardly enough to wear him out for the morrow. Taverners ended with 70 after 11overs.

The post match soiree was at the Emery residence where we had a good turnout & we were served the good old “white mans food”, chips but for some reason some of the chips were black. I did notice that standing drinking beer & eating chips was not considered a detriment to a future golf game by Karran.

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