July 19, 2017 Outdoor Game report VS Eagles

Match Report

Taverners Vs. Eagles

July 19 2017

Another Wednesday with rain early & forecast for the day but by game time the sun was out & the weather again perfect for cricket.

Eagles won the toss & elected to bat & after losing their 1st wicket looked as though they were on the way to a big total. This was aided by a number of dropped or missed catches & too many wides. There were many strange instances usually seen once a year but they were all happening in this game. One batsman chopped the ball down into the ground & it bounced high into the air & came down right onto the top of the bails. Another incident we had both batsmen at the bowlers end & the throw to the wicket keeper evaded him & Chris had to run down the wicket to retrieve it & was able to beat the batsman back & run him out. Sudarshan came of age as a Taverner going down to field a ball on the boundary & watching it run through his legs for 4. These & many other similar items made the game look like a compilation of cricket bloopers.

Despite this Eagles only managed to score 145 for 6 from their 20 overs.

Taverners opened with Sudarshan & last weeks abandoned batsman Keith. After a couple of overs Sudarshan went out caught for 1. Keith was joined by Andrew & they took the score to 54 before Keith was out caught behind for 27. Anil was next in but soon departed for 6. Imdad joined Andrew & they took the score to 110 before Andrew was bowled for 28. Mark joined Imdad but only added 3 before he was out caught. This brought Nigel to the wicket & the 2 lefties added a dozen before Imdad was out LBW for 39. During this partnership the ball was skied to the wicket keeper who managed to drop a sitter & the 2 batsman managed to run 2 with a lot of confusion. From there on there was a procession of batsman coming to the crease & swiftly returning leaving Nigel Not Out 10 & Taverners short by 13.

The post game activities were at Nigel’s where Hot Dogs & Chips were on offer, although I was forced into inventing a Dog Burger when the Hot Dog buns ran out.

After comedic efforts during the game, the post game soiree was most uneventful. I suppose people were saving themselves for Friday’s big event.


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