July 26, 2017 Outdoor Game report VS Royal Tuskers

Match Report

Taverners Vs. Royal Tuskers

Wednesday July 26

For the 1st time in a while Wednesday was a sunny dry warm day all day & it stayed that way for the evening.

The Tuskers were there in full force well before the start time & won the toss & decided to bat. Taverners were a little tardy taking the field as Anil & Daniel had arrived minus their shoes & had to return home to collect them. Some tight bowling from Sid & Karran & a magnificent one handed catch in the slips by Ossie had the Tuskers 38 for 3 after 8 overs. Next Sudarshan & Nigel took 3 wickets in their spells but the #5 batsman seemed quite comfortable scoring 35 before the skipper unleashed his secret weapon, Ossie, who in his 3 overs had 3 wickets in his 2nd over including the run scorer, out bowled, with 2 of the wickets from consecutive balls & 1 more wicket in his next over to wrap up the innings at 95.

Bowling Sid 2 – 12, Karran 1 – 23, Sudarshan 2 -16, Nigel 1 – 15, & Ossie 4 -17.

Taverners opened with Anil & Sid with Anil scoring quite freely but Sid striking the ball hard usually straight to a fielder eventually being bowled for 1. Anil was joined by Hein & they took the score to 44 before Anil was bowled for 18. Garvin joined the skipper for a brief moment, out bowled for zero. The skipper & Imdad then pushed the score along until Hein was bowled for 28, 59 for 4. At this point the scorebook is a little confusing as the batsmen in & the score at the fall of wickets just doesn’t add up. I am going to assume that Nigel joined Imdad & took the score to 74 for 5 with Imdad out caught for13. Chris was next out run out for 2, 78 for 6 with 3 overs left. Sudarshan & Nigel attempted to wrap the game up but a near certain 4 from Sudarshan was stopped by Nigel’s head, a good job he was wearing a helmet. With Tuskers appealing for almost every ball sometimes for a catch behind where the bat missed the ball by feet rather than inches Taverners fell short by 4 runs with Nigel not out 12 & Sudarshan not out 3. Taverners missed a tie due to Nigel’s heading ability.

Post game activities were at Anil’s & it was a good job he had some beer available as I was trapped in the park with the beer 1st by the Tuskers wanting to photograph the score sheet which then had me trapped by the ballet crowd trying to get out of the park.

Anil produced the food after spending many minutes slaving over a hot phone.

The evening ended with just 4 of us in a philosophical discussion about how the MCA were not doing such a good job in the area of junior cricket & encouraging the next generation of cricketers

View from the middle:- When Taveners are fielding 2nd there are constant requests to the umpires to get the score board updated, but when Taveners are batting 2nd despite there being a dozen or more members available, the scoreboard remains unattended for 5 to 10 overs.

Batsmen play shots at balls that are totally of the wrong kind, bowlers bowl a series of wides & very little is said, but if the Umpire makes what looks to some to be a wrong decision the glares & comments go on & on.

Please remember we are not “qualified” umpires nor do we get paid by either team. Plus I have to pay for my own beer.

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