August 02, 2017 Outdoor Game report VS Trailblazers 

Match Report

Taverners Vs Trailblazers

August 2nd 2017

On a Wednesday with it’s regular forecast of showers & the risk of a thunderstorm, the weather turned out to be just cloudy & a little cool.Because of the cloud it was decided to limit the game to 16 overs each. As Hein was away the captaincy was given to Chris who like other captains before him lost the toss & Taverners were asked to field. As we were short Chomo had seconded Vaibhav from Cosmos as our #11 Ossie & Karran opened the bowling but could not prevent Trailblazers getting off to a quick start with 28 coming from the 1st 4 overs. But then Karran struck getting the #1 batsman stumped & the incoming batsman caught by Ossie from the next ball.The next batsman in wasn’t going to hang around but hit 2 big sixes before being out caught again by Ossie from Garvin. Garvin repeated the Karran trick & had the incoming caught from the next ball. The nest bowling change saw Sid & Vaibhav attacking with Sid bowling the other opener for 36 & then getting another wicket out caught in the next over. As there is no indication of the I/D of the catcher I dont know if the catch went to Ossie or whether it was the next catch coming off Vaibhav that completed Ossie’s collection of 4 catches one overhead 1 handed & another ankle high that he completed by holding it with his legs. Vaibhav proved to be a Taverner in the making dropping a relatively easy chance in the deep. The innings finished with a couple of run outs at 133 in the last over.

Ossie 0-21, Karran 2-22, Daniel 0-23, Garvin 2-15, Sid 2-28 Vaibhav 2-14

Taverners opened with Garvin & Imdad & the pushed the score to 31 before Imdad was bowled for 19 quickly followed by Sid bowled for zero. Vaibhav joined Garvin & took the score to 64 before Vaibhav was out caught for 14 at 64 for 3. Next in Daniel did not look comfortable & was soon out bowled for 2. Andrew joined Garvin & they took the score to 82 before Andrew was out (not recorded) for 9 quickly followed by Garvin for 31. At this point we needed 52 from the last over, Keith came & went quickly for 1, the skipper struggled for 1 not out & Philip swung at the 1st ball so hard he ended up on his back the last ball he managed to connect & collected a single plus 4 overthrows. Taking the final score to 90. A loss by too many.

Post game was at the Emery residence where despite the cool cloudy weather the crowd enjoyed white mans chips & smockies on the back deck.