October 26, 2017 Curling Game report VS

Taverners were scheduled to hit the ice on the early draw last Thursday.  While we showed up, the opposition did not, making us 3-1 for the year.  Instead, we threw some rocks and after an hour retired to the bar.  Kudos to Mr. Bayney for making the hazardous trip from Brunkild when city teams couldn’t make it.  There was one possible injury, Mr. Page taking a tumble and as of writing I have to confirm his availability  for this week, which will be the late (9:15) draw on November 2.

I mentioned in the game report that the previous team we had played (and lost to) the week prior seemed like they were in a completely different league.  As it turns out, they are, and only played us as the divisions have odd numbers, obliging a team in each group to play a non-league game about once a month.  This week we play the other 3-1 team for the right to move up a division.


October 19, 2017 Curling Game report VS

Curling game report

Taverners curlers faced off against the Club president’s team this week.  They were a lot better than the other teams we have faced so far.
After Taverners successfully scored a single in the first end, our opponents scored four, then stole deuces in the next two ends.  As we had several walking wounded among us and were trailing 8 to 1 we decided to shake hands and enjoy some painkiller in the bar.  The President was gracious and bought us drinks which made the loss somewhat easier to bear (or forget).
The victory of the evening was winning the toss, and Vice Keith has now won three consecutive tosses.
Next Thursday we are on the early (7:00 p.m.) draw and we may need a spare.  If anyone is interested please let me know and I will confirm our lineup as far in advance as possible.  Cost is $10.

October 12, 2017 Curling Game report VS

Well the game started a lot differently from last week when we took 5 to start the game.  Here, we spotted them three in the first end before coming back with 5 of our own over the following three ends.  They tied it up in the fifth end with two of their own before we exchanged 3s to go to the last end tied at 8.  In the final end we scored 2 to win 10-8.  Accumulated record now 3 – 54.  Can you say (winning) streak?

Overall there were no outstanding shots but the team is getting pretty good at draw shots.  We don’t throw a lot of takeouts and Vice-Skip James would say that’s because the skip can’t throw it hard enough.  Same lineup as last week.

Thanks to Ali for coming out to cheer us on.

Next week we are on the late (915) draw.

Ray K

October 05, 2017 Curling Game report VS Girouard Foursome

Thanks to President for prompting me for the game report.

Taverners curlers debuted Thursday night on the late draw at St.Vital, in our whites, and facing the Girouard foursome, a team who had about a year of curling experience.  Following a brief pre-game, mainly organising for position, we decided on Jon at lead, Karran at second, Keith at third and Ray at skip.  The principal reason for this lineup was to give Keith an opportunity to be a thespian on ice, while calling the sweeping in a most theatrical manner.
The game started well with Taverners scoring a five to start things off.  The teams traded small scores for several ends with the Taverners up 7-2 after 5 ends.  Our opposition scored three in the sixth end to close the gap to 7-5 but that is the closest it would be.  Taverners took one in seventh and stole three more in going home to make the final 11-5 Taverners.
Given the lateness of the hour (about 1130 as we were the last team done) we decided to defer our  celebrations to next week when we are on the 7:00 draw.
Overall the team played well with very few outright misses.  It is fair to say that the team earned its second win fair and square and regardless what happens during the rest of the season it was a fun start.
Ray (skip)