November 30, 2017 Curling Game report VS

Firstly, thanks to Dr. Emery for stepping up to spare for us.  We will need spares from now until Christmas as Mr. Page will be away in the sunny climes of Cuba.

Mr. Bayney, acting Vice in the absence of Mr. James won the toss.  Unfortunately this did not help us against a very capable opposition.  While most ends were close, decided by a half inch one way or another on the last rock, we had one bad end.
In that end, your skip’s primary objective was not to permit a steal of 8, and while we reduced the count, we still allowed a score of 5.  After four ends we decided to head to the bar.  Our accumulated record is 4-5.
We hope that December 7 will not be a date to live in infamy.  We are on the early (7:00) draw and hope that we don’t have to play with three players.
Ray K

November 23, 2017 Curling Game report VS

Taverners continued their “C” division odyssey Thursday on the early draw.

After winning the toss, our opposition took two in a messy first end with lots of rocks in play but both teams searching for answers with the ice.
This continued in the second end, with an unfortunate result.  Facing five rocks with last rock, our draw slid just too far and left the opposition with a steal of 5.  Our opposition stole a further single in the third end when a draw through a port wrecked on a guard.  Our honour was redeemed somewhat when a last rock double takeout resulted in our taking three points leaving the score at 8-3.  Being clearly out-classed we decided to head to the bar with our record for the year now even at four wins and four losses.
Thanks to Mr. Roberts for providing a gallery.
Next week we are on the 915 draw and will now need a spare to and including the draw on December 21.  Please let us know if you can make it. As always equipment provided, just bring clean (indoor) shoes.
Skip Ray

November 16, 2017 Curling Game report VS

Taverners suited up with a full roster on Thursday.  Our opposition was playing their crossover game from B division against us (who are in “C”).  The game started slowly with our opposition taking one with last rock in the first end, Vice-skip James having lost the toss (three in a row, I think).

Thereafter our opposition showed their superior ability, being able to place rocks at will.  Conversely, we were left with increasingly more difficult shots as ends progressed, and while we were very close, could not breach the advantages they were building up.
They scored three in the second, another single in the third and fourth ends and three in the fifth at which point we decided the beer was getting warm.
Overall, our game is improving.  In conversations with our opposing skip it came out he had competed in the provincial championships on a number of occasions.  Considering same, the Taverners did their best.  Our accumulated record sits at 4-3
On the 23rd we will be on the early draw (7 pm) and we will need a spare.  Cost defrayal is $10 and we will provide slider and/or broom if needed.
Kohanik, Skip

November 09, 2017 Curling Game report VS

Taverners took to the ice with a slightly different lineup on Thursday at St.Vital.  Specifically, with Mr. James on the sideline David Hakes volunteered to take his place.

On this day, it was the best of times and the worst of times, in several respects.  First, to our chagrin, we found out that as a result of our efforts in the first round of the season, we were promoted to the division above.  Frankly, we found the lowest division sufficiently challenging, thank you.
Then, we took to the ice against what promised to be a much stronger squad (visualize Yeovil Town against say, Wolves).  This turned out to be case, as our opposition, having won the toss, scored 5 in the first end.
That said, in conversing with the skip for the opposition, it came to light that the team we were playing comprised only one original team member.  This is an automatic default, but it up to us to call it.  Actually, honour would demand that they confess in advance, but that’s another story.
After much discussion back and forth over the next couple of ends between the Taverners we decided that it might be unfair to other teams who would have been competing against our opposition for further promotion, if we permitted the result to stand, and we declared the default (which, as it turns out they had no issue with).
As for ourselves, if this game is an indication, we belong in the division where we started.  We ended the game after four ends, mainly because the opposition ran out of scoreboard.  Again anything we could do, they could do better.  Too bad that their regular team didn’t show, but them’s the breaks.  (Actual final score 13-1).
With the “victory” our record stands at 4-2.
Thanks to Mr. Wilcox (hey, no cast) and Mr. Vanderwert for providing a gallery, and to Mr. Roberts for coming by for drinks.  Thanks to David for sparing for us.  For those who might be interested we will need players starting for most of the next few months as in December as Mr. Page is taking a sojourn in Cuba and in January and February Mr. Bayney and I will be going on holidays also.
I have not yet registered for the Manitoba Open bonspiel but it will be 18-22 January for those who would like to mark their calendars in advance.

November 02, 2017 Curling Game report VS

After what amounted to a two week break due to our opposition’s default last week, we returned to the ice on the late draw on November 2 with all members in attendance.

Vice skip Keith lost the toss for the first time in 2017/18 and perhaps this set the tone.  While we struggled with weight and reading the ice our opposition proved adept and, as we had seen in our loss earlier in the year, were simply a higher calibre team.
We each took points while we had last rock and after two ends trailed 2-1.  Thereafter however the differences showed more markedly.  Our opposition took three in the third end and stole 4 in the fourth end, and we shook hands, being down 10-1 at that point.  This leaves us at 3-2 for the year, and we finished second in our level in the first stage of the season.  Had we won, we would have been promoted to a higher division, and we all agreed that this could have made for some very quick games and were content to stay in our current division, at least for now.
While we weren’t at our best, our opposition could simply do things for which we didn’t have a response. Whereas we typically play simple shots and aim for consistency, they could match us and could also execute intricate shots when needed.
Next week we are on the early 7:00 draw and as Mr. James has a prior commitment we need a spare.  If any of the Taverners are interested please let me know, first come, first to play.  Broom and slider will be provided if need be, but you will need clean (not street) shoes for the ice.  Cost is $10.