November 23, 2017 Curling Game report VS

Taverners continued their “C” division odyssey Thursday on the early draw.

After winning the toss, our opposition took two in a messy first end with lots of rocks in play but both teams searching for answers with the ice.
This continued in the second end, with an unfortunate result.  Facing five rocks with last rock, our draw slid just too far and left the opposition with a steal of 5.  Our opposition stole a further single in the third end when a draw through a port wrecked on a guard.  Our honour was redeemed somewhat when a last rock double takeout resulted in our taking three points leaving the score at 8-3.  Being clearly out-classed we decided to head to the bar with our record for the year now even at four wins and four losses.
Thanks to Mr. Roberts for providing a gallery.
Next week we are on the 915 draw and will now need a spare to and including the draw on December 21.  Please let us know if you can make it. As always equipment provided, just bring clean (indoor) shoes.
Skip Ray

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