Manitoba bonspiels 2018 – Jan 18-22

Friday 6PM draw at East St. Paul had tricky ice to say the least on the even ends any rock aimed inside 6 ft on the left of centre ended up in the 12 ft to the right of centre. After picking up 1 in the 1st end the scoring went all the other way so as to avoid any more humiliation we shook hands after 6.
8:15 Saturday morning saw the squad at Rossmere for pre game breakfast, probably the most positive thing we did that morning. We were probably at our most inept of the week so that after 5 ends & -ve11 points the opposition had to raise our short shots into the house to give us a score, we played the rest of our shots on the opposite side of the house to avoid taking our rocks out.
Next game at Elmwood at 3:00 PM 300 Brazier just off Henderson Hwy

Manitoba bonspiels 2018 – Jan 18-22

There was excitement in the air; it was our first match of 2018 in our 10th consecutive appearance at the MB Open Curling Bonspiel.

The weather was fine, a warm winter evening, for our game held at Charleswood Curling Club. Just as I was doing a U-turn on Roblin waiting for eastbound traffic to clear…a deer was crossing on the wrong side of the crosswalk, was struck by a ½ ton truck, the deer hit the pavement, and like a curling rock, slid straight across the pavement , striking and lodging itself under my front bumper. Backing off a few feet, the deer is now only slightly moving in the middle of the intersection at Roblin and Oakdale.   311 was informed, and to my horror, there was a dilemma regarding the deer’s current situation.

1.       Is the animal currently dead – press button A

2.       Is the animal alive – press button B.

As I am now parked a block away, there was a ‘monty python’ moment of trying to determine the efficacy of this broken down beast. As his head was still ‘up’, I figure he is still moving…therefore I am forwarded to MB Conservation…where I leave a message.

At the appointed hour, being 9pm this year on a Thursday, the team was met quite early, as the opposition, (unknown to the Tavs) had lobbied, sweet talked, provided chocolate to the MCA draw makers to have their first match against ‘the best curlers we have ever played’ (‘’bayney talk’’).

A roster change was sorted, and Curler Budhoo has the winter long cold/flu was scratched…5th Wilcox came in and played excellent in Budhoo’s absence.

The bar was full, and our table was full of various beverages for a good hour before any granite was thrown. Everyone in a very jolly mood, until the end of the first end. The first end saw lots of rocks in play, with the Papatow rink looking for a 2. Their skip was not playing up to his best yet, and hit his own, allowing Tavs to steal 3! After the 2nd end, we find ourselves with a steal of 1, to go 4 up.

The other team got better, we got a little wayward after being ahead 4-1, Skip Stumpy getting a lesson in strategy along the way…we end up tied at 4 after 4 ends. The match went all the way to 8 ends, we the last group on the ice. The match went to the last rock, and we humbly acquiesced with the score a respectable 7-5.

Much thanks to Dr. Emery and Chomo for supporting the motley crew. By all accounts we played very well. Mostly it was the hits that let us down. Jon, Nigel, Alli and Stumpy…got us off to a great start.

Our next match is today at 12:00 noon at the Heather Curling Club located 120 Youville street, in St. Boniface, off of Marion…beside the St. Boniface Golf Course. 

Roster includes – stumpy, jon, dr. E,