Feb 25, 2018 Indoor Game report VS Winnipeg Super Kings

Taverners C. C. vs Winnipeg Super Kings
Feb 25 2018
I presume Taverners won the toss but anyway they batted 1st.
Garvin was still AWOL after his “Yes I am available”, “No I am not”, “Yes I am” series of emails. David came to watch but was dragooned into playing as Keith much preferred an afternoon on the couch. Another spectator Martin was volunteered as the square leg umpire.
The innings was opened by skipper Chomo (23) & David (11), the bowling was tight or spinning or bending out of reach, but after a couple of overs the batmen were finding the side walls but their running technique left something to be desired. For the 2nd game in a row David provided some light entertainment by getting out to a ball off his foot to just hit the stumps if there had been bails in use they would not have moved & it would have been not out.
The next pair Chris (7) & Anil (17) started out as though they had turned up for the wrong sport & were having great difficulty in making contact with the ball, but again after 3 overs the pace picked up a bit but was still quite slow overall.
The final pair Imdad (34) & Garvin (27) picked up the pace & managed to get the opposition rattled with some quick runs & very few chances. With the help of 24 wides Taverners put together a score of 143.
The Super Kings looked as though they had 3 competent batsmen & 3 that needed to be protected by the single on the last ball of the over. All the Taverner bowlers were in good form & Chris behind the stumps kept the batsmen rooted in their crease. Garvin told the umpire that he would be bowling right arm over or left arm around but he wouldn’t know which until he delivered. There was some good tight fielding & a few very good catches. David put his soccer skills to good use with some good foot stops that were destined for 4, maybe because they were off his bowling.
In the end the Super Kings pairs made 21, 38, & 45 plus 11 wides for a total of 115.
Taverners 1st win of the current campaign.
Taverners bowling:-
Chomo 1 – 22, Anil 2 – 34, David 0 – 23, Garvin 2 – 21 & Imdad 0 – 25
As per usual we spent the rest of the afternoon in the Cambridge all 9 people were there. Main topics of conversation were the just completed Winter Olympics & Canada’s poor showing in curling & hockey, Karran’s  multi golf games in Phoenix & food for the Friday Meeting/ Poker evening.
Next game Saturday March 3 at 3.00 PM


Sammy Armogan

Shan Armogan

Cliff Ashwell

Brian Carty

A. Coopland

G. Coopland

Richard Dawson

Dicky Dawson

Scott Duesing

Andrew Dunsford


Gwil Evans

Mike Fuller

Rene Fitzpatrick – Guyana – Member From 2011-2016

John Garwood

Tony Gordon

Horace Hackett

Kenny Hammond

J.C. Haworth

A. Haynes

R. Hayter

Harry Haywood-Monk

Ed Hillary

Azad Hosein

N.F. Jack

Wilfred James

Suresh jayaraman

Terry Jolly

Tony Kennedy

E.T. Kent

A. Khan

M.Y. Kiani

Ricky Lawrence


John Lovelace

Gerry Maingot

Jass Mangat

Sani Mangat

N.D. McCreath

Pat McGrath


Barry Mills


J.K. Mohamed

Irfan Naseem

S. Nayak


Ian Pich

Clive Pickering

Ali Pirani

Peter Porritt

Rudy Powell

Ralph Ragbir

J. Reed

T.M. Roulston

Gavin Roche

Jerome Strachan

C. Thorpe

Sam Toulson

Neal Toulson

John Valentine

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John Williams

Casey Wright

Gareth Yates

Paul Ziesmann




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Taverners curling in the MCA Bonspiel in January of 2017.




With our 9th year of curling in the Manitoba Bonspiel (and our 50th game) coming up in a week I thought that I would forward the attached article from the book  ‘Kings of the Rings…125 years of the Worlds Biggest Bonspiel’ . This book is a history of the Bonspiel. For ‘newer/younger’ Taverner members the attached  may just help to provide you with some background on our involvement in this annual event and explain our record of futility.

For the uninitiated our record to date is 48 games played – 48 games lost!!!! Maybe this will be our year to win???


Article on Taverners curling in the MCA Bonspiel in January of 2009.

Tour 1990


Feb 10, 2018 Indoor Game report VS Cosmos Lancers

Taverners v Cosmos Lancers
Feb 10 2018
I have just relocated my notes of this game & forgotten that I had not written a report. So it just comes from my notes as dementia prohibits remembering facts from more than a hour ago.
Taverners batted 1st with the “old folks”  Ossie (18) & Chris (19) leading the way. not much in the way of running but a lot of good shots to the side walls.
Next up Mark (14) & Andrew (29) some quick runs but a lot of wasted shots with Andrew trying to hit Shlok to the back wall & not getting to the pitch of the ball.
Final pair of Garvin (15) & David (4) provided the light entertainment for the day with David being run out. He played a ball that went straight up but David had no clue as to where it was & promptly decides to wander around in the middle of the pitch. The wicket keeper followed his wanderings picked the ball & walked back & broke the wicket (-2)
With 24 extras Taverners 123
I have no recollection of the Lancers innings but with the help of 33 wides they put together a score of 155.
Taverners Bowling
Mark 1 – 48 Andrew 2 – 17 Ossie 2 – 39  David 0 – 40 Garvin 1 -23 including 1 delivery left handed on target but neglecting to inform the batsman.
As usual we headed for “The Cambridge” for a game analysis but nobody could really remember what went on.

Feb 03, 2018 Indoor Game report VS Cosmos Krew

Match Report
Taverners V One of the Cosmos Teams
Feb. 03 2018
It was a bitterly cold day with wind chill in the minus 30 range. I arrive at the school on time but had to wait a while as the door was locked & I couldn’t arouse anyone inside.
The Taverners were batting but were either hitting the ball directly to a fielder or too high to score. Andrew was among the missing so I went back to the door & he was there cussing about traffic & the fact that the door was locked.
David (32) & Nigel (2) were the 1st pair but I don’t recall any significant shots. Next up Sid (27) & Daniel (3) for his 1st ever indoor session. Again no recollection of any outstanding efforts.
Final pair of Chomo (15) & Andrew (14) rounded out the innings.
With the 20 wides Taverners had a total of 113
Cosmos struggled at times but managed to reach 135 from their 18 overs.
Sid 1-24, Chomo 0-33, Andrew 3-20, Daniel 0-28 & David 2 -36
A couple of points of interest: Chomo with a full length dive but to no avail as the ball had been stopped by the bowler. David try his leg spin had a ball bounce 6ft in front of him & go directly into the corner. The pitch was definitely adding the spinner.
As per usual the team plus umpire decamped to the Cambridge for a few adult libations & discussions about the Super Bowl up coming & other irrelevant topics