Feb 10, 2018 Indoor Game report VS Cosmos Lancers

Taverners v Cosmos Lancers
Feb 10 2018
I have just relocated my notes of this game & forgotten that I had not written a report. So it just comes from my notes as dementia prohibits remembering facts from more than a hour ago.
Taverners batted 1st with the “old folks”  Ossie (18) & Chris (19) leading the way. not much in the way of running but a lot of good shots to the side walls.
Next up Mark (14) & Andrew (29) some quick runs but a lot of wasted shots with Andrew trying to hit Shlok to the back wall & not getting to the pitch of the ball.
Final pair of Garvin (15) & David (4) provided the light entertainment for the day with David being run out. He played a ball that went straight up but David had no clue as to where it was & promptly decides to wander around in the middle of the pitch. The wicket keeper followed his wanderings picked the ball & walked back & broke the wicket (-2)
With 24 extras Taverners 123
I have no recollection of the Lancers innings but with the help of 33 wides they put together a score of 155.
Taverners Bowling
Mark 1 – 48 Andrew 2 – 17 Ossie 2 – 39  David 0 – 40 Garvin 1 -23 including 1 delivery left handed on target but neglecting to inform the batsman.
As usual we headed for “The Cambridge” for a game analysis but nobody could really remember what went on.

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